The top 21 universities for partying: The full list revealed

Mum and dad want you to go to the university that gives you the best jobs prospects.

But the main issue on many students’ minds is ‘which is the best university for partying?’

Which? University surveyed more than 8,000 undergrads in their annual Which? University Student Survey and revealed their top 21 universities for partying.

21. University College London

After claiming the title of the capital’s flirtiest student , it’s no surprise that the UCL students like a bit of a party. Being in one of the clubbing capitals of the world helps. Probably not great news for the wallet, though.

20. University of Sussex

Being a stone’s throw from Brighton city centre means you’re pretty much contractually obliged to have a great time. Obviously there’s the fantastic Pride event every year but, not matter what night you go out, you’re bound to have an amazing time.

19. University of Strathclyde

Being right in Glasgow certainly helps those from the University of Strathclyde let off some steam. They’ve got some world famous venues in the city to take advantage of.

18. Sheffield Hallam University

Like their Uni Of cousins (and close rivals), Sheffield Hallam can be proud of the musical heritage in the city. They’re just beaten on this rundown. Hallamites — get partying!

17. University of Sheffield

The Steel City is clearly made of strong stuff, with both Uni Of and Sheffield Hallam University making the list. The city may not quite have the kudos (musically-speaking) that Manchester or Liverpool does but it has produced a fair few musical maestros. The Arctic Monkeys, Pulp, Years & Years frontman Olly Alexander, Joe Cocker and Reverend and The Makers are all from the city.

16. Royal Veterinary College, London

Bit of a surprise one this. One of the new entries from 2016, those at the Royal Veterinary College are clearly working like dogs (sorry) and need to let off some steam.

15. Nottingham Trent University

Uh oh. Where are ya Uni of Nottingham? Trent students are clearly having a much better time with all that Nottingham’s night scene has to offer. To make those Uni Of students feel better, they did top our ultimate battle of the unis.


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