The top 21 universities for partying: The full list revealed – part 3


7. University of Dundee

The highest-ranked Scottish university is (possibly) a bit of a surprise to some. But the people of Dundee certainly know how to have a good night out. They don’t have a prestigious musical history but the lead singer of Snow Patrol, Gary Lightbody, did go there.

6. Cardiff Metropolitan University

Next is Cardiff Met and, although they didn’t quite beat the cross-city rivals, they certainly know how to party. Perhaps this university, which is impossibly good at sports, needs to let its hair down every once in a while, after all that training?

5. Cardiff University

Our highest non-English university on the list and it’s a corker of a place for a night out. Cardiff Uni has more than 30,000 students making the Welsh capital a great place for a night out. Speaking of which…

4. University of Bristol

Close rivals UWE don’t make it on to the list so those folks at the University of Bristol must be doing something right. Bristol itself is known as being a hot bed for counter-culture and has created some of the most well-known artists of the modern era.

3. University of Birmingham

The highest new entry from last year’s list is the University of Birmingham. Brum students can expect an incredible time out at clubs including student-favourite Pryzm and the famous Snobs.

2. Northumbria University

Close no cigar for Northumbria University. However, they can be very pleased with their top two finish. Having a campus in Newcaste city centre definitely helps.

1. Newcastle University

Our winner and the best university for partying at is Newcastle University. The people of the north east are known for being a friendly bunch and they clearly know how to have a great night out as well.

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