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UK Ranked: Where’s the safest place to live and study?

Student satisfaction and experience is a big thing to think about when it comes to deciding where you want to study – with over a hundred universities in England alone, it can often be confusing and tricky to work out where the best place to go is. There’s plenty of rankings out there from nightlife to number of firsts, but have you thought about safety yet? Here are the top ten safest places in the UK to live and study ranked on safety and levels of crime.

10. Liverpool

is liverpool a safe place to live
Credit: Prospects Website

Liverpool as a city has, over the years, gotten a bad rep, but in recent times it has come up as being one of the safest cities to live in, as rated by students. Being a maritime city, the area is rich with history and perhaps more famously is the hometown of the Beatles. The arts and music scene in the city is booming, and there’s always plenty to get up to. Being such a densely populated area, when you’re out and about in the city centre, you’ll notice the vast amount of CCTV cameras, just over 35,000 in total. It’s been given a bad name in the past, but once you get there and meet the people who call the docks their home, you’ll realise just how special a place it is to be.

9. Cardiff

is cardiff a safe palce to live
Credit: Cardiff University Webpage

Cardiff is the capital of Wales and stands at the eleventh largest city in the UK. It was made famous for its production and export of coal back in the day, but nowadays, it’s the bustling centre of Welsh rugby. As well as being a very safe and easygoing city, its also one of the best value cities in Europe, with cost of living averaging at being 41% less than London. Cardiff has all the perks of being a city while also being very close to the water, meaning that beautiful beaches like Penarth and St Mary’s are only a short drive away.

8. Reading

is reading a safe place to live
Credit: Stride Treglown Website

You’ll probably know Reading for their annual music festival, but we’ll bet you didn’t know that it’s also a lovely place to study. The town itself is super vibrant and multicultural but also is close enough to London that you can commute in at the weekends or for work. Every large town has areas that you’ll want to be wary of, and Reading is no exception, but generally, it’s a really friendly town full of small businesses and local treasures.

7. York

is york a safe place to live
Credit: The Guardian

York is one of the prettiest areas to study and work in the UK, and as well as boasting rich history, it also is a very friendly and safe place to live. It’s perfect if you want to get the old university aesthetic without losing out on fun nightlife and quirky bars and pubs. It’s been named one of the friendliest cities in the UK, and with such a rich history and character, its understandable why locals are so proud of their hometown.

6. Edinburgh

is edinburgh a safe place to live
Credit: Wikipedia

Edinburgh is a wonderful city full of life and excitement and is considered one of the friendliest and most welcoming parts of the UK. The university campuses are dotted right through the centre of the city, so you never feel separated from what’s going on with the locals. Edinburgh hosts two of the biggest parties in the world every year with Hogmanay celebrations and the Festivals in August, so it is ideal if you want somewhere that is exciting, artistic but also a place where you can call home and feel secure. 

5. Coventry

is coventry a safe place to live
Credit: Times Higher Education

Known for the Coventry Cathedral, this central city is known mostly for its endurance during the second world war. It’s been dubbed one of the best places to live and work if you’re in the Midlands and has very low rates of crime. The university is rated well in national statistics and has been known as a great area for international students in particular. Travelling to bigger cities like London and Birmingham takes less than an hour, but the city itself boasts some lovely galleries and museums.

4. Aberystwyth

is aberystwyth a safe place
Credit: Aberystwyth University Homepage

A university town in the heart of Ceredigion in Wales, Aberystwyth is one of the prettiest and sweetest areas to study in the UK. It offers everything you could ask for: the largest arts centre in Wales, the National Library and gorgeous seaside spaces perfect for summertime. If you’re linguistically inclined, why not learn a bit of Welsh while you’re there? The town offers a real community feel, and it’s one of the few places remaining in the UK where an unlocked door doesn’t necessarily mean burglary. The cherry on top is that it’s consistently rated very well for student experience and satisfaction.

3. Surrey

is surrey a safe place to live
Credit: Surrey Live

Surrey is a county in South East England which borders Kent, London, Hampshire and Sussex. The university is in Guildford, a town known for its history and character. Living here provides the perfect balance between rural and city life – you’ve got brilliant access to London if you want it, but why would you want to leave when everywhere you look could be out of a Jane Eyre book?

2. St Andrews

is st andrews a safe place to live
Credit: University of St Andrews Website

St Andrews in recent years has become known as the meeting place of Prince William and Katherine Middleton, but for a long time before that, it has been a very sweet and picturesque university town in Scotland. While it is often celebrated for the many golf courses in and around the town, the area is also full of history and character that makes it a great place to live. Getting into major cities like Edinburgh and Dundee doesn’t take much, and if you’re the studious type, you’ll love the quiet and cosy way of life by the sea.

1. Bath

is bath a safe place to live
Credit: AHR Website

The largest city in Somerset, Bath is known for, well, the Roman baths. It has received a lot of celebration for its outstanding cultural attributes and charming feel, but in recent years Bath has also been recognised as a very artsy city. We won’t lie, it’s not the cheapest place to live but with its rich history, beautifully kept countryside and incredibly friendly nature it’s understandable why.

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