The UK uni's that take the most drugs (It's not who you'd expect)

The UK uni’s that take the most drugs (It’s not who you’d expect)

University rankings come in all shapes and sizes. Sure, you want to know which is the best (and the worst) Russell Group uni; and of course, you’ll want to know which uni’s have the easiest degrees. However this time, we’re here to look at universities in a different light. That’s right- it’s time to reveal the UK uni’s that take the most drugs!


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Bottom of the league table for once in their life is Cambridge, with only 66% of students having taken drugs. We’re guessing they are either: 1) too busy studying, 2) getting drunk on fancy wine instead or 3) too proud to admit to their habitual drug use.

University of Warwick

Next up, it seems that only 72% of Warwick students have taken drugs. We say, there’s still time…


Not far ahead of their academic rivals is Oxford. Students at this prestigious university are also keeping themselves pretty clean with only 75 of students having taken drugs.

University of Bath 

It seems that Bath students are busy enjoying their leafy Sommerset campus and wholesome lifestyle. Like oxford, only 75% of students here admitted to having taken drugs.

Durham University 

Next up is a university that we really are surprised isn’t higher. Durham topped our list as the booziest uni in the UK. However, it seems that some Durham students draw the line at wine as only 77% of students have taken drugs.

University of Glasgow

We’re now moving into the druggiest uni territory and that starts with Glasgow where 80% of students have taken drugs.

University of Nottingham

Nottingham is well known for being a party city. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that they come up high on this list at 84%.

Newcastle University 

Next up on our list is a uni that has come up time and time again in our rankings. With 85% of students admitting to having taken drugs at some point or another, it’s Newcastle.

University of Sussex

We’re surprised that Sussex is so high up on this list considering Brighton’s holistic vibe. But then I guess, we didn’t take into account its laid back attitude and fun-loving nightlife either. Next up is Sussex, with 87% of students having taken drugs.

Nottingham Trent

Again, we look to Nottingham where Trent students proved a little bit more outgoing than their (uni of) rivals. In fact, 89% of Trent students admitted to taking drugs (just to clarify, that’s only 11% who haven’t)

Leeds University 

Following on, we’re tipping on into the 90% mark now and next on our list is Leeds University. These students seem like they have the right balance. It’s a well recognised Russell Group uni and yet one of the hardest partying ones too. They say, work hard- play hard right?

University of Manchester

We’re now into the top 3 and next up on our list is Manchester Uni. It seems that students here are taking advantage of city living (without London prices) as 91% of students admit to having taken drugs.

Jon Moores University 

We are so nearly at the top position and in second place is Jon Moores university. Based in Liverpool, Urban Dictionary defines this uni as being ‘populated mostly by southerners who wanted a taste of gritty north, without actually going there.’ Well, whoever makes up Jon Moores’ student population, one thing’s for sure; they aren’t taking is a chill pill. In fact, 91% of students have admitted to taking drugs.

And… Drumroll, please! The UK uni’s that takes the most drugs are revealed…

UWE students take the most drugs
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Come on, you saw that one coming! We’re not surprised to hear that students at Bristol’s UWE have topped this list of uni’s that take the most drugs. It seems that students at UWE are letting loose but with 92% of students admitting to having taken drugs. With numbers like that, we’re not sure they’re getting much studying done?

That’s a wrap for our list of the UK uni’s that take the most drugs. Do you agree with this list? Let us know in the comments. 

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