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Unique things to do in Brighton

Brighton is synonymous with quirky and cool, and no trip to this seaside town is complete without trying at least one of these unique things. All of which are very different from your usual trip to pier, and fish and chips at the beach. Here are some recommendations of the more unusual side of Brighton:

1. Beach Box Spa @ Sea Lanes, 299 Madeira Drive, Brighton, BN2 1EN, UK

Beach Box Spa in Brighton
Credit: Beach Box Spa

The beach box spa experience is a unique one as it is a part-sauna and a part-socializing wellness centre. It has a wood-fired spa and offers a sauna as well as body- treatments, ice baths and leaf whisks. They have converted horse trailers into three private sauna spaces, and the larger one is made of upcycled packing crates. And there is this beautiful seaside view—all in all, a great relaxing experience by the sea.

2. Lady Chastity’s Reserve Handmade Mysteries @ 60 London Rd, Brighton BN1 4JE, UK

Handmade Mysteries Brighton
Credit: Rosemary and porkbelly

Handmade Mysteries boasts of an immersive experience of finding clues and getting to know Lady Chastity’s story. It is situated in the basement of a pub and is Brighton’s most twisted escape room experience. It is big enough to accommodate six people at a time, and the final prize for winning is the bottle of the finest aphrodisiac wine. It is a fun place to run your brain machines and enjoy yourself with your company.

3. Phileas Fogg’s World of Adventures @ Crowhurst Road, Sussex House, Hollingbury Industrial Estate, Brighton, BN1 8AF

Phileas Fogg’s World of Adventures
Credit: Phileas Fogg’s World of Adventures

According to its website, Phileas Fogg’s World of Adventures is a fun, and exciting group game, described as a cross between Crystal Maze and I am a Celeb. This means it will be full of challenges, and you must solve puzzles to reach the next level in a time-bound environment. The best part about this experience is the actor guides who are skilled enough to take people into this fictional world and stay true to the character they are performing.

4. Upside Down House @ 42-43 Kings Road Arches, Brighton BN1 2LN

Upside down house Brighton
Credit: Upside Down House

Upside Down House in Brighton is UKs first upside-down experience. It is a must-see in Brighton and gives your head a spin. You can take some fantastic pictures to get Instagram attention or just for fun, walking on the ceiling or doing a headstand, which is an inverted standing posture. The staff are also helpful and suggest different poses for photos. This is a favourite among children and adults, and the tickets are cost-friendly, so you must visit this!

5. Ghost Walk of The Lanes @ Druids Head Pub, 9 Brighton Pl, Brighton, BN1 1HJ

Ghost walks Brighton
Credit: Visit Brighton

Ghost Walk of The Lanes is a quirky, rather spooky experience. You can explore and get to know more about Brighton’s iconic lanes and its rich history, including murders, ghosts, and some Jack- Ripper references. The tour guide is an expert actor and a storyteller who dresses in full Victorian style and takes you on a tour of 8 haunted houses, which lasts around 70 minutes.

6. Laugh Alive & Love Chocolate @ Brighton, BN1 1HP

unique things to do in Brighton
Credit: Visit Brighton

Laugh Alive & Love Chocolate is an events company that combines humour and chocolate; what a fantastic combination. They host three sessions; laughter gym, an hour session of exercises and workouts built around laughter yoga, a chocolate-making workshop, and then combining them in the ultimate Chocolate Chuckles event. It is a fun and quirky way to spend time in Brighton and is also famous for kitty-parties or other parties.

7. The Old Police Cells Museum @Town Hall, Brighton BN1 1JA, UK

Old police cells museum Brighton
Credit: Visit Brighton

The Old Police Cells is situated in the basement of Brighton Town Hall. It is a unique museum that offers guided tours for visitors to learn about Brighton’s historic criminal activities and cases. There is also a true story about Chief Constable, who was murdered in the cells in 1844. The tours are free and are only on weekdays.

8. GOVR Café @ First floor, 114-115 London Road, Brighton BN1 4JG, UK

GOVR Brighton
Credit: GOVR Brighton

GOVR Cafe is Brighton’s first and only virtual reality café. It guarantees you never seen before virtual reality. It has loads of single and multi-player games, very popular among the locals, to battle zombies or participate in some virtual car races. It also has excellent artisanal coffee, and the staff are both welcoming and informative. You are guaranteed an exciting experience here for sure.

9. Visit a pet cemetery @ Preston Manor, Preston Road, Brighton & Hove, East Sussex, BN1 6SD

Brighton and Hove
Credit: My Brighton and Hove

When you are in Brighton, you can go and pay your respects to the pets. This cemetery is situated in a garden behind Preston Manor and was created in the 19th century. It is worth a tour, and you can see the graves of 16 dogs and four cats, which led a beautiful life in the Manor. Individual headstones commemorate them. The graveyard is still in use by the city council and is used as a resting place for animals working in the city council/


10. Visit Brighton Naturist Beach @ Black Rock Madeira Drive, Brighton England

Brighton Naturist Beach
Credit: The Beach Guide

You should visit this beach if you want to let yourself go all out in Brighton. It is the first public naturist beach in the UK, and it is also one of the most accessible ones. It is a pebbled beach, and people love their clothing-free experience, plus there is no entry fee.

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