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University Bucket List: 40 things to do as a student

Everyone puts so much pressure on your university years to be the ‘best time of your life,’  that sometimes you end up not actually doing all the stuff you want to. If you want to make your university years a time to remember, then be sure to do these 40 things you have to do as a student!

1. Get sweaty 

University Bucket List: 40 things you have to do as a student
Source: Steezy Studio

This sounds gross, right? Well, that’s because it is. But it has to be done. Go to the cheesiest, sweatiest student nightclub in town and dance like your life depends on it. You’ll be exhausted, sticky, sweaty, and likely completely drunk by the end of the night, but somehow, you’ll remember it as one of the best nights of your life. Plus, nothing says ‘first-year’ like rocking up to a lecture still smelling like spilt VKs and sweat.

2. Buy a university student union hoodie 

university bucket list
Source: School Leavers Hoodie

It’s got to be done. You’ll probably never wear it after university unless you’re hungover and curling into a ball of regret. But they’re usually pretty comfy, relatively cheap, and you can keep them as a keepsake for years to come (just try not to stain it with puke, Pot Noodle or hair dye!). Check out our list of 10 things you’ll find in every student house to see what else all students have.

3. Go to a lecture that isn’t part of your course

university bucket list
Source: Cielo24

For some reason, everyone does this. It’s like, a rite of passage. Whether you go along to a mate’s lecture, or just stroll into one, attending at least one lecture that isn’t yours is thrilling, interesting, and kind of eye-opening. Besides, no lecturer knows who is actually supposed to be in their lectures in first-year, otherwise, they’d realise when 65% of the class didn’t turn up.

4.  Start a prank war 

university bucket list
Source: Pinterest

This can get messy. You’ve had your warning.

Totally worth it, though. If you get on with your flatmates, then do this to them. If not, then coursemates or friends will do just fine. Do a small prank on them, and wait for them to retaliate – voila, a prank war. Some of our favourite, harmless recommendations are:

  • confetti in the bedroom
  • glitter bombs
  • replace their vodka with water (bonus points if they pretend to be drunk)

5. Check out the tourist traps 

university bucket list
Source: Hospitality Line

Every city has them. The far-too-expensive, ignored-by-locals, ridiculous-and-pointless tourist traps. Go to them. Take cheesy photos with your mates and see everything there is to see in your new home, whether that’s the local museum, a fair, a pier, or a nearby zoo. Just don’t forget to use your student discount!

6. Go to a lecture in your PJs 

We’ve all had a PJ day in primary school, and we’ve all thought back to them and wished for another. So, take your chance! Nobody cares what you wear at university, and it’s even easier if you live on campus. Just put on some shoes (or some sturdy slippers) and roll out of bed, into the lecture. Cosy, right?

7. Go on a day trip with your friends 

university bucket list
Source: The Telegraph

The UK is pretty well connected by busses and trains, so find out where the nearest fun city is, and jump on a train with your friends. Explore the city, get some drinks, have some fun! The whole point of university (or at least half the point, anyway) is to explore the world a bit more! Alternatively, check out, The best epic road trip ideas in the UK for more ideas.

8. Join a society 

university bucket list
Source: University of Exeter

Everyone tells you this, but it really is such a good idea. Not only will it benefit you in the future, blah blah blah, but it will also give you the opportunity to go on some of the wildest nights out of your life, and meet people who will be by your side forever. Check out our list of 10 of the weirdest university societies in the UK for some inspiration.

9. Compete in a pub quiz 

university bucket list
Source: Leicester Mercury

Here’s one of our favourite things to do as a student: take your friends to a nearby local that runs a pub quiz, and surprise all the local old men with how smart you really are. Usually, these quizzes have a prize, which is often money, booze or money towards booze. Score.

10. Dye your hair 

university bucket list
Source: Good Housekeeping

This is becoming more and more common, whether at uni or otherwise, but you’ve not really been a student unless you’ve bussed to Big Tesco to buy last-minute bleach and bright blue/pink/yellow/green hair dye. Just make sure you put a towel down first.

11. Learn a new sport or skill 

university bucket list
Source: Gloucester Rugby

Whether this is by joining the Rugby Society or just simply learning to cook in order to survive, one of the things that make your university experience so incredible is how much you’ll learn.

12. Protest something

university bucket list
Source: BBC

Students love a good protest. And there’ll be plenty going on in your time at university, so find one that you support, and help them out by tagging along. Make signs with your friends and go and influence change! You could even get involved with organising a protest if you wanted to.

13. Volunteer somewhere

university bucket list
Source: The Argus

As part of your learning experience at university, why not volunteer for a local charity shop or charity? You’ll get experience useful for your future CV, a chance to meet new people, and it’s usually very rewarding!

14. Host a house party

University bucket list
Source: VICE

And then instantly regret it the next day.

15. Play weird and wonderful drinking games 

university bucket list
Source: Wikipedia

Sure, everyone’s played Never Have I Ever, but have you played Irish Snap? Everyone you meet at university will be from somewhere different and will bring with them their own weird and wonderful drinking games. Give them a go!

16. Have a BBQ 

university bucket list
Source: Visit Guernsey

Disposable BBQs are a part of British student culture, and you must partake. On the one day of the year that it’s hot enough, pop along to your local supermarket, grab the cheapest BBQ food they’ve got and a couple of disposable BBQs and then go and find a space in a local park, a beach or your back garden.

17. Go to another university 

university bucket list
Source: Stocksy

One of the most important things to do as a student is to take a trip to visit a friend from school at their university. Enjoy another city’s nightlife and tourist traps for a day or so, and enjoy the company of a friend you haven’t only known for 2 months.

18. Do something for charity 

university bucket list
Source: Deseret News

Volunteering is all well and good, but if there’s a charity you really connect with, why not do something as a fundraiser? Whether it’s a cold fresh-water swim around Brighton Pier, a half-marathon, or even a bake sale!

19. Do some karaoke 

university bucket list
Source: Music Grotto

We all sing at the top of our lungs in the club anyway, but it’s even more fun when you’re trying to keep up with the words drunkenly with a microphone in a karaoke bar! It’s an experience not quite like anything else, and it’s definitely something deserving of a spot on the University Bucket List.

20. Go to a university sports game



university bucket list
Source: Varsityat 

Sports games are a great way to spend your weekend anyway, the atmosphere, camaraderie, excitement… But university games are something different. You know the players, you know the team, everyone’s your age, and most of all, everyone’s pumped.

21. Find the best brunch 

university bucket list
Source: Trip Advisor

This is arguably the most enjoyable thing on the list. Use your time in a new city to explore every brunch option available and find your favourite! From Spoons to the local cafe, there’s bound to be a fair few new places for you to try.

22. Go to a paint party 

university bukcet list
Source: We Are Mallorca

Make sure you don’t wear anything you care about and head to a club hosting a paint party! Get tipsy, and very messy. Cover yourself and everyone near you with paint, and just make sure you wash before clambering back into your bed at the end of the night.

23. Go to a foam party 

university bucket list
Source: Dice FM

Much the same as a paint party, don’t wear anything too fancy, and really don’t worry about your hair and makeup too much. These parties are fun, wet, and you will be cold when you leave. But they’re an experience like not much else!

24. Do a flat Christmas 

university bucket list
Source: University of South Florida

You’ve had a few months to learn to cook by the time Christmas comes around, so why not put those skills to use and do a big flat roast dinner before you all go home for the festive season?

25. Celebrate holidays you wouldn’t at home 

university bucket list
Source: Wikipedia

If your religion allows, or if you aren’t religious, why not celebrate festivities with your flatmates that you haven’t before? Whether that’s because they celebrate them, or you just both want to explore new cultures and ideas, try out things like attending Diwali festivities, or celebrating Chinese New Year.

26. Spend an entire day doing nothing

University Bucket List
Source: Cosmopolitan

Netflix: On. Bed: Comfy. Snacks: In hand. Perfect. Now, watch an entire season in a day. Off you go.

27. Do a pub crawl 

university bucket list
Source: Sea Of Thieves

This works best if you do it fairly early on in your time at university, as it is a great way to figure out which pub is your favourite, and that saves on time later on. Plan it out in advance, and make sure it is a route that actually makes sense (i.e from your house to the club, or campus to your house).

28. Rearrange your room or the lounge 

university bucket list
Source: The Shannon Sells Team

Student houses aren’t the best organised. Ugly green leather sofas in the middle of lounges and mismatched wood aren’t a vibe, for anyone.  One of the inevitable things to do as a student is making your student house your own. Why not rearrange your living room or bedroom (or both) and put some personal touches on it.

29. Go to a comedy night 

university bucket list
Source: South London Club

Who doesn’t love a laugh? Find a comedy night near you (there’s bound to be one, somewhere!) and take your flatmates along for a night of laughing (whether that be with or at the comedian). Most small comedy nights are weekly events too, so you could make this a staple of your week if you felt like it.

30. Go for a fancy meal 

University bucket list
Source: MensXP

This could be to celebrate you finishing an assignment, getting a grade or finishing your degree, or it could be just for the hell of it. Either way, head out for a fancy meal with your mates and dress up accordingly. Even if you only get the starters (student budgets don’t stretch very far!), it’ll be a great memory.

31. Go on friend dates 

University Bucket List: 40 things to do as a student

If you’re not looking to date – and, to be honest, even if you are – why not go out on ‘dates’ with your friends? Go to restaurants, the cinema, whatever you’d do on a date, but just as pals instead. It’s a great way to bond and a great excuse to get out of the flat.

32. Do a bit of day drinking

university bucket list
Source: Brighton on the Inside

In Britain, one of the things we do best is drink. Especially during the day. So it’s not a surprise that most students, at least once, have gone day drinking. Roll out of bed, have some brunch (even better if this is a bottomless brunch!) and then head to your local pub garden. Soon you’ll be 8 ciders in and it’ll be evening anyway.

33. Build a fort 

university bucket list
Source: House Beautiful

In your newly rearranged lounge or bedroom, ask your mates over to build a fort. You can use it to play games in, drink, or just chill – either way, building a fort is fun, and it’ll be hilarious to try and figure out the best ways to do it.

34. Host a dinner party

university bucket list
Source: Love Food

Either with your friends or with your flatmates, have a Come Dine With Me week, where each of you hosts a dinner party one day of the week, and you score each other. You could even do a prize, say, the winner gets a bottle of wine or something? It’s a great way to put those cooking skills to the test, and it’s fun.

35. Have a beach day 

university bucket list
Source: The University of Sunderland

Everywhere in the UK is relatively close to a beach of some sort, and a beach day is always fun. The arcades, cotton candy, chips, and of course the beach itself. Get some great photos, win some teddies and eat your body weight in cheap sweets and chips!

36. Go bowling 

university bucket list
Source: Topend Sports

You might not have been for years, but that’s even more reason to go along to the local bowling alley. Take a group of you and play in the arcade, get some strikes in, and give each other ridiculous nicknames on the bowling score screen. Nothing too crude though, families will be there too!

37. Have a games night 

university bucket list
Source: Amex Essentials

One of our favourite things to do as a student is hosting a games night. The likeliness is that you’ll do this a fair few times throughout your time at university, but if you’ve not thought about doing one yet, then here’s your sign. Buy a couple of card games or board games as a house (or if you’ve already got them, great), or pile together with your favourite video games and have a night of friendly competition.

38. Watch a play 

university bucket list
Source: Frame London

Whilst the big theatre in your town may charge a small fortune for tickets to their plays, there are likely smaller theatres around that will have cheaper tickets available. You might as well go along and soak up the culture!

39. Go to an open mic 

university bucket list
Source: Fret Zealot

Open mics can be incredible, you can find your new favourite independent artist, or you can quietly chuckle at the person who may have been a little overconfident. Either way, they’re usually in good, cosy bars, and they’re a great way to spend an evening with some good company.

40. Do a murder mystery night 

university bucket list
Source: Eventive

Murder mystery nights were really popular a few years ago, and then kind of died out a bit. But they can be really fun with the right group of people. Just make sure your friends are willing to laugh at themselves a bit, and you’re good to go. There are plenty of packs available online to download or buy that help you set up a night like this.

Think we’ve missed anything integral to student life on this list? Drop us a line in the comments.

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