12 weird but genius ways to make money

As students it’s the status quo to make every effort to get extra cash without working.

You spend hours surfing the net to find ways to make some cash without leaving your dorm — we’ve all done it, we won’t judge you.

So if you’re reaching the point of considering getting a ‘real job’, like your parents say, we’ve got a few suggestions for you to consider.

1. Sell your used toilet roll tubes

We know it sounds odd, but you can actually make money by holding on to your old toilet roll tubes. People are actually listing them on eBay for cash. Why not try to make some money out of something you’d usually throw away?

2. Sell your panties

We know that some of you lot already know about selling your knickers for cash, but for those who don’t you can sell your naughty knickers — or boxers — on the net for money. If you don’t fancy setting up on Instagram and doing it that way, you could always flog them through the online marketplace for this kind of thin, PantyDeal.com.

3. Become a life model

If you’ve ever fantasised about being drawn like Rose from Titanic this one is for you. You can register to be a life model online with The Independent Art School. You have to answer quite a few questions but it’s worth it to make sure you’re completely comfortable.

4. Get paid to buy booze

This one is strictly for 18 and 19-year-olds. All you have to do is visit supermarkets, bars, betting shops and other places and try to buy restricted items and see if you are challenged. It’s flexible and you get paid for it, what’s to lose? You can apply through Serve Legal’s website.

5. Catch the flu

The thought of being locked up in a room surrounded by people in white suits and masks sounds rather intimidating, but it’s far from the truth when it comes to clinical trials. How do we know? Well, earlier this year, a student told us all about her experience at Flu Camp, where she got paid £3,000 to catch the flu. If you don’t fancy doing Flu Camp, there are plenty of other options advertised online.

6. Become a professional mourner

Some people want to get the best send off for their loved ones as possible, even if that does mean a bit of theatre goes on. Some go as far as hiring professional mourners to up the number of attendees.

7. Go walkies

Dogs are known to come into unis and make everyone feel better. So why would you not want to get paid to spend time with a dog? Although if you are going to become a professional dog sitter, you may want to get your landlord’s permission first.

8. Get naked on cam

If you’ve always been intrigued by the sex industry, why not dabble in a bit of webcam modelling? There are plenty of different ways of doing it from advertising in chatrooms or going through online agencies.

9. Sell your story

Have you ever had something happen to you that your friends gasped at as you tell them the story? Well, why not make some cash out of your misery by selling your story? There are plenty of agencies you can go to, or you could go direct to the magazines and negotiate a price.

10. Be a sugar baby

Is your love life just as empty as your bank balance? Why not replenish both by becoming a sugar baby. You get taken on lavish dates that you would never be able to afford on a student loan. We spoke a student sugar baby who revealed she was offered £400 a week to date a rich man.

11. Become a mermaid

Yes, you heard me right, you can make your childhood dreams come true by pursuing a career as a real life mermaid. If you don’t believe it could happen, it did for student Yasmin Awan, who gets paid up to £100 to don a tail and act like Ariel.

12. Sell your pics

Before you jump to conclusions, I do not mean nudes. If you’ve taken a particularly Instagrammable snap you can sell it to Foap who will share it with brands who could use it. All you have to do it download the app and upload your pics, once your image received five positive ratings your photo will be published for sale and you will earn $5 every time a company buys it.

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