We tried all the best vegetarian alternatives so you don’t have to!

If you’re thinking about becoming vegetarian or swapping out some of your usual meat products for these smashing vegetarian alternatives. We’ve tried as many of the top alternatives out there so that you know what to buy and what not to buy!

1. This Isn’t Bacon Rashers

This Isn't Bacon vegetarian alternative
Source: This

These are made from soya protein and radish, carrot and paprika extract for flavour. They stand out from other vegetarian alternatives, and are so unlike other bacon alternatives! They work great in pretty much every recipe we tried – especially cooked up in a creamy carbonara. They look and taste very close to the real deal, with a smoky, rich taste that makes you want more and more.

You can buy these at Asda for £2.50, Tesco for £2.95, Waitrose for £2.36, and Sainsbury’s for £3. 

2. Beyond Meat Beyond Burger

beyond meat burger vegetarian alternative
Source: Women’s Health

These pea protein burgers are completely vegan on top of being soy and gluten-free. They’re packed full of protein (we mean PACKED – a whole 19.2 grams per burger!) and have such a meaty texture that we had to double-check we’d bought the right product. They’re great in a brioche bun with some red onion and salad, maybe even add some This Isn’t Bacon for an extra deluxe lunch!

You can buy these at Tesco for £4.40, Sainsbury’s for £5, and Ocado for £4.40. 

3. The Unbelievable Alt. Tender Chickenless Pieces

unbelievable alt chicken vegetarian alternative
Source: Vegan Food and Living

The Unbelievable Alt. also sell beef and lamb, but the chicken pieces deserve mention for their differences. Their soya, potato and broad bean recipe sets them apart from other chicken alternatives. When cooked, the pieces keep their firmness and soak up the spices and flavours rather than just sitting in them like other options. We tried these in both fajitas and enchiladas, and we were LAPPING. IT. UP!

You can buy these at Tesco for £3.00. 

4. The Meatless Farm meat-free mince

meatless farm mince vegetarian alternative
Source: Meatless Farm

This mince looks real, even when raw. It’s surreal! The product is made from soya, pea and rice protein and is high in protein too. It’s vegan-friendly, tasty, and gluten-free. We tried the Italian classic spag bol, and the mince soaked up all of our garlic and Italian flavourings perfectly.

You can buy these at Sainsbury’s for £3, Tesco for £2.50, and Asda for £3.00. 

5. Quorn cocktail sausages

Quorn cocktail sausages vegetarian alternatives
Source: Quorn

These are great for snacks and picnics, and whilst it’s a sharing pack, we could easily eat all of them at once. They’ve got a great texture and the sausages are really tasty. They’re relatively good for you too, with lots of protein and very little saturated fat.

You can buy these at Tesco for £1.60, Waitrose for £1.75 and Morrisons for £2.25. 

6. Gardein Fish Fillets

Gardein fishless fillet vegetarian alternative
Source: Gardein

Gardein’s fillets are packed full of flavour and the texture is pretty close to real fish! They don’t take long to cook and they make the perfect Friday fish and chip dinner. The batter is perfectly flaky and crispy, and the cook really well. We paired them with chips (duh) and mushy peas and felt like we were at the seaside.

You can buy these at Sainsbury’s for £4.50. 

7. Vivera Greek Style Kebab

vivera greek kebab vegetarian alternative
Source: Vivera

Pan-fried with all the right extras (we used red onion, red pepper, a dash of garlic and some chilli powder), this crisps up into ideal kebab meat! The texture is great, and it even smells like a kebab when cooking. If you fancy something guilty, this is a great vegetarian alternative! We reckon it would work great as a topping too, paired with a salad or on top of a plain pizza for extra spice.

You can buy this at Sainsbury’s for £2.50, ASDA for £2.00 and Waitrose for £3.00. 

8. Linda McCartney Vegetarian Sausage Rolls

Linda Mccartney sausage roll vegetarian alternative
Source: Linda McCartney

These frozen sausage rolls are extremely tasty. This is unsurprising considering how tasty Linda McCartney sausages are. The pastry is perfectly flaky, with a great spiced sausage within. They cook quickly and well and are great for a quick lunchtime treat.

You can buy these at Tesco for £2.20, Sainsbury’s for £2.20, Asda for £1.70 and Waitrose for £2.20. 

9. Richmond Meat Free Sausages

richmond meat free sausages
Source: The Vegan Review

These just about beat our age-old faves by Linda McCartney. They are the closest we have ever tasted to a proper fry up sausage. The ideal hangover cure, or perfect to pair with mash and some gravy, these have a brilliant taste, texture, and smell. They’re really one of the best vegetarian alternatives out there.

You can buy these at Tesco for £2.20, Sainsbury’s for £2.00, Asda for £2.00 and Waitrose for £2.50. 

10. Quorn Crispy Nuggets

quorn crispy nuggets vegetarian alternatives
Sources: Netmums

These are arguably better than some meat nuggets. They’re crispy, tasty, and they are perfect when you’re a little tipsy, too tired, or too busy to cook actual food. They’re 100% the best vegetarian chicken nugget out there, and it’s hard to believe that they’re not chicken.

You can buy these at Tesco for £2.95, Sainsbury’s for £1.70 and Asda for £2.50.

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