What are the COVID regulations in Wales?

Wales is following a separate path out of lockdown to the rest of the UK. So what exactly are the current Welsh COVID regulations? And where are they going from here?

Stay local

wales covid regulations

Just like Scotland, Wales had implemented a Stay Local policy. This meant that people can’t come in or out of Wales without a reasonable excuse, such as commuting for work, a funeral, medical care, etc. Travel is now permitted within reason, but authorities urge people to not travel unnecessarily.

Meeting people

wales covid regulation

Those living in Wales are allowed to meet up to 6 people outside, not including children aged under 11 due to their tendency to not transmit or suffer harshly from the virus. However, these people are not allowed into your home, unless they are in your support bubble or are doing important and necessary work on your home.

When meeting people, or when out and about, people must maintain 2m social distancing. Breaking these rules can lead to £60 for a first offence, £120 for a second offence, or £500 for a more serious offence.

Retail and hospitality

wales covid regulation

Hairdressers and essential retail are currently open in Wales, as well as takeaway services and click and collect. However, from the 12th April, all non-essential retail opens. Until then, and potentially after – it has yet to be announced, stores must not sell alcohol between 10 pm and 6 am.


wales covid regulations

After the 12th of April, all learners can return to school and university. Whilst at school and university, if social distancing cannot be adequately followed, students and staff must wear face coverings. As well as universities and schools, libraries will continue to be open, in addition to outdoor organised activities. This includes youth groups, sports and religious groups. Indoor sports, unfortunately, are not open and are not opening on the 12th. Elite and professional sports are permitted.

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