What to look forward to as a University of Westminster student after COVID

When you’re applying to the University of Westminster, one of its biggest selling points is the fact that two out of its three campuses are based in central London, with Harrow being just a short commute away from the action. That being said, however, many freshers and existing students haven’t had the luxury of experiencing everything studying in the capital has to offer for the last year, which means that many of us have missed out on the normal university experience. However, with all the restrictions hopefully coming to a close very soon, there are so many things that we can look forward to and finally get a taste again of life as we knew it, so let’s see what some of them are.

Student Bars

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With 12th April feeling like a lifetime ago now, the next step to normality is finally being to enjoy our drinks in the comfort of some actual warmth from May 17th, with the ever anticipated 21st June getting closer and closer each day. Now, with such power comes great responsibility, and so it is our turn to head on over to the beloved bars at the university to show them some appreciation. Whether it be the Undercroft at Harrow campus, or the Hideaway at Regents Street, I think it’s safe to say that now more than ever is our time to dust off the karaoke microphones and pints to enjoy messy Monday’s once again!


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So maybe you want to take a step away from the student bars at the university and check out the rest of the clubbing scene in London. Whether you fancy a cheesy night out with the girls, a techno rave with the lads or a chill RnB evening with everyone, there’s always something to look forward to. One of the best places to check out is Hackney in east London, because not only is it the borough that never sleeps, it’s a lot more fun (and cheaper) than the prestigious clubs you’d normally find in Mayfair, meaning you’ll get a much better time for your money – not to mention you’ll probably find every student residing there!

Piccadilly Circus

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Being at the University of Westminster, particularly in the Regent Street and Marylebone campus’, means that you can never go a day without being immersed in the action of city life. With Piccadilly Circus being a short walk away, you’ll find everything you need to enjoy a night in the capital: bars, clubs, restaurants, shops and takeaways just to name a few. So not only can you have breakfast in the West End or grab a drink with your friends in between lectures, Piccadilly Circus is the one-stop place for all students to check out.


things to do in westminster
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Stepping away from the stereotypical student activities of drinking and partying, another thing University of Westminster students can look forward to is the return of sports. Not only is there an on-site gym, but also many events that are held for athletics, boxing, dance, cricket, and cheerleading, just to name a few. With the Westminster Dragons making a huge comeback this year post-COVID, it’s definitely worth keeping an eye out for; whether you just want to support a couple of games from the sideline or join in on the competitions repping the merch, I think it’s something that should definitely be at the top of your return to university list.


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Being a student, unfortunately, requires studying, and so not many of us have had the relief of submitting our final dissertation in knowing that we’ll never have to read those dreaded textbooks ever again. Well, one thing that we can look forward to after COVID is being able to nip into the cafés in central London with our friends, whether that be to study or not study, have a coffee or just a  good old fashioned catch up – this time not outside in the unpredictable British weather! Cafés are perfect for all situations: gossiping, first dates, studying, or perhaps even staring at the mysterious character in the corner waiting for someone to approach them (never say never, it is London we are talking about here!).


So not only are there so many opportunities to explore at the University of Westminster post-COVID, but also in the capital itself. The only question is: which one is at the top of your list?

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