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Where is Morbid from the Cecil Hotel now?

The Mexican Musician, Morbid a.k.a Pablo C. Vergara, was wrongly suspected in the tragic death of Elisa Lam at the Los Angeles Cecil Hotel in 2013. And mind you, he was suspected by not the police or the FBI but bombarded with hate messages and conspiracy theories involving him by none other than the online detectives. To say the least, they just wanted to pitch in someone without considering the hardcore evidence Pablo had to testify his non-involvement with Elisa Lam’s case.

What happened to Morbid?

who is morbid and what happened to him
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Morbid was subjected to severe online bullying to an extent where he quit music and even considered suicide. Initially, when so many so-called detectives believed that Lam was murdered, they took an interest in who all was residing in the hotel at that time. Considering Pablo’s heavy metal taste in music and the spooky videos he uploaded on his YouTube, some online sleuths joined two and two together and spread the word suspecting Morbid to be the prime suspect.

Even the recently released Netflix docuseries, documented and interviewed him. In the interview, he opened up about being severely affected by how the internet was making him look and the impact of the false accusations. He goes on to confirm on the record that while Lam was at the hotel, he was in Mexico in his recording studio, and he has his passport and stamps intact, as well as people around him who could testify for his innocence.

Nevertheless, his spirit was crushed during the internet trial, and it became difficult for him to continue his life normally. Even after the mystery was solved, some people were still not convinced and continued harassing him online, and those who should have didn’t even apologise to him for falsely accusing and costing him his mental peace. Morbid, in his interview in the documentary, goes on to say how he was judged based on the music and videos he makes rather than unearthing the truth with Elisa Lam’ case.

What is he up to now?

who is morbid and wehre is he now
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Morbid has now quit music altogether and has ventured into indie filmmaking. Three years after the case, in 2019, he received a scholarship to the New York Film Academy, and he even won several accolades and awards for his short films and documentaries. He then went on to pursue his MFA at NYFA’s Los Angeles campus. Shortly after that, he was awarded for the Best International Fictional Film, and his most renowned work is his short- film, Necromurder.

who is morbid and wehre is he now
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In addition to these, he has also worked as a screenwriter and, more recently a production assistant. His recent work from 2020 is Adverse which stars Mickey Rourke, Sean Astin, and Penelope Ann Miller. The Netflix documentary director Joe Berlinger and Pablo communicate from time to time since they finished filming, and it is humbling to see Pablo get a platform like that to express his innermost thoughts on the whole issue.

Berlinger, while talking about Pablo feels that the whole case and his involvement severely affected him, and he completely lost his self-esteem and suffered from inside. He even lost his creative interest and almost didn’t believe he was worth living at one point. With this platform, Pablo aims to reach out to those who have been targeted by people online and wishes to help them express their feelings. With his work, he has regained his inspiration, and he wants to inspire people battling online bullies.

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