who are the cast of Love Island 2021

Who are the cast of Love Island 2021?

Whether its your guilty pleasure, or you talk about it to anyone that’ll listen (which is usually your Twitter followers), Love Island is a British novelty and one which we hold dear to our hearts. And guess what? It’s back soon! So we now know who all the fitties are that will be competing not only for love on the island but our love too. Now, let’s meet the cast of Love Island 2021!

Sharon Gaffka

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25-year-old Sharon from Oxford works as an Operations Lead for the Department of Transport. She joined the cast of Love Island 2021 after her competing on the show became a joke amongst her friends, and realising that she was the only single one in her group. She has worked on Brexit policy, COVID operations and other civil servant roles. Sharon’s looking for someone taller than her who can match her intellect.

Aaron Francis

24-year-old Aaron is from London and is a luxury events host. He has been single for 6 or 7 months and is finding the new dating scene hard. Aaron prefers relationships to dating, and is perhaps looking for someone to take with him to the next royal wedding he plans (yes, you read that right!). He’s hoping to find someone passionate that loves their job.

Liberty Poole

21-year-old Liberty is from Birmingham and is a waitress alongside her studies in marketing. She applied to be on the show to find a nice, happy relationship and to meet new people. The Nando’s waitress is no stranger to fakers, with people trying to date her just for the discount, so she is now looking for a tall, alpha male cheeky chappy.

Hugo Hammond

24-year-old PE teacher Hugo has been single for a while and has found dating hard to get back into. He loves his job and is actually a professional sportsman – he played cricket nationally! So if any of the women on the show want a sporty man, here’s Hugo.

Shannon Singh

22-year-old Shannon from Fife is a model and sees the show as a once in a lifetime opportunity. She was a glamour model at 18 and now focuses on Instagram and commercial modelling. She has joined the cast of Love Island 2021 to look for someone with the right energy, who has a personality as good as their face (which has to be handsome – of course).

Jake Cornish

24-year-old water engineer Jake is from Weston-super-Mare and is no stranger to long-term love. He was in a 7 year long relationship and then suddenly lost it all. He’s looking for respect, good fun, loyalty, and blonde hair.

Kaz Kamwi

26-year-old Kaz is a fashion blogger from London. She likes meeting new people, and is ready to be in a relationship, and so applied to be on the show in order to be in a place where people are looking for the same thing as her. Makes sense, right? She’s fun, dramatic, spontaneous and the life of the party.

Brad McClelland

26-year-old Northumberland lad, Brad, is a labourer who is looking to actually date face-to-face. He calls himself laid back and easygoing. His ideal woman? Megan Fox. No pressure, ladies.

Chloe Burrows

Chloe is 25, from Bicester and works as a financial services marketing executive. She’s had bad experiences with ‘situationships’ and wants to find someone with a good build, who is funny, and dependable.

Toby Aromolaran

22-year-old semi-professional footballer from Essex. He’s looking for love on Love Island because he’s never had a relationship before. Toby calls himself optimistic, fun and responsible.

Faye Winter

26-year-old Faye is from Devon and works as a lettings manager. She wants to experience new things after a year of lockdown, and would love to meet somebody. Her goal is to own her own estate agency or charity shop and be able to go on lots of holidays.

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