Who is Antoni Porowski’s partner? Queer Eye off camera

Delving deeper into a celebrity’s private life is always a source of fascination, and let’s not beat around the bush, we are all suckers for a juicy romantic scoop in the hope of feeling better off about our own tragic attempts at love. Whether you are desperately awaiting your own hot girl summer, or you eagerly seek proof that true love does indeed exist, then look no further than Emmy-Award winning Netflix series Queer Eye.

Providing an uplifting, heart-warming and glamourous exterior, Queer Eye follows five male professionals who set out on the task of transforming their guest’s lives through re-invigorating their lifestyle, fashion, and home. It is no secret that the ‘Fab Five’ (Tan France, Jonathan Van Ness, Karamo Brown, Antoni Porowski and Bobby Berk) live lives of idealism and extravagance, as their social media presence, and the five-season running show presents.

Inside Queer Eye, all eyes are on the guests awaiting their transformation of grandeur, but us audience members cannot shy away from absolutely adoring the show’s five queer men who pour their talent into transforming people the best versions of themselves. Seriously, what is not to love about that? Naturally, there is intrigue into the private lives of these men, and what better place to start than with Antoni Porowski.

Star-studded, fabulous, and ludicrously handsome, Porowski is best known as Queer Eye’s resident foodie. He is Polish-Canadian, aged 37 and prides himself on his appreciation and knowledge of cooking and wine-drinking, whilst remaining a published author, an actor, and a model. Is there anything Porowski cannot do?

Well, he certainly excels in his love-life too. Porowski has previously held a long-term relationship of seven years with ex-boyfriend Joey Krietemeyer and has since been in a year-long relationship with Trace Lenehoff, star of Flipping Out. Porowski confirmed his new relationship with Kevin Harrington in October 2019; the pair enjoy a private partnership with the occasional (very cute) selfie of the duo unearthing itself on social media. With that in mind, who is Antoni Porowski’s partner?

Who is Antoni Porowski's partner?
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A man of experience

Kevin Harrington works at an advertising agency in New York City as a strategic developer; his resume seemingly is well accomplished with advertising for Amazon Fire Cube and Stick, Adidas’s Gen Z marketing and Volkswagen’s new VW bus,

He was originally born in NYC, however, has lived and travelled globally. Harrington has recently returned to the United States to be with Porowski, after living in Australia and New Zealand for the past two years.

Antoni Porowski
Source: @Antoni Instagram

A pair of partygoers

It is no surprise that two good-looking, respectable men in the limelight would find themselves receiving a few party invites, but Porowski and Harrington raise the standards, having attended an impressive selection of Hollywood A-list events.

The couple have proven their love and high standards of fancy-dress; upon attending Heidi Klum’s Halloween party where the pair dressed up as ‘Blockbuster employees back from the dead’.

The couple are also pictured alongside singer-songwriter, Taylor Swift and model, Gigi Hadid  on several occasions; it is clear Porowski and Harrington are kind individuals who surround themselves by close friends.

Antoni Porowski, gigi hadid, taylor swift
Source: E! Online

How did they meet?

Harrington and Porowski were first introduced to each other at Bette Midler’s Hulaween extravaganza… not that we needed any more evidence for their shared party animal personality. The couple certainly must be fun on a night out.

Despite their original meeting in person, their relationship truly commenced when, in true 21st century fashion, the pair slid into each other’s DMs on social media app, Instagram. It is utterly refreshing to see a relationship blossoming from this modern mechanism.

Kevin Harrington
Source: @Antoni Instagram

Animal lovers

Yes, you heard it correct. Antoni Porowski and Kevin Harrington co-parented their own foster beagle-pitbull cross named Neon, during the first national lockdown of the pandemic.

The couple are pictured across Porowski’s Instagram taking Neon on a boat, to dog parks and even sneaking onto a no-dogs beach… we do love a rule breaker. Porowski and Neon even took to the streets in celebration of Joe Biden’s Presidential election, donning very trendy sunglasses (and that is not Porowski we are talking about).

LGBT+ Advocates

As the couple near their three-year anniversary, Porowski and Harrington deserve continuing happiness, acceptance, and space to flourish within society. Porowski backs social injustice movements heavily, having advocated for LGBT+ rights, Black Lives Matter, and political parties.

In June 2021, Porowski became a board member of Equaversity, an organisation that fundraises for support in the Polish LGBT+ community, the home country of Porowski’s parents. He wrote on Instagram, ‘as a descendant of Polish emigrants and fluid person, I have a responsibility to protect my queer Polish fellows’.

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