Winter love Island: What we know so far

When winter Love Island was confirmed just a couple of months ago, we almost died from excitement and now the day is almost here. Get ready to become absolutely OBSESSED with the blossoming relationships of others, for at least a couple of months anyway. What will become the catchphrase of the series?

How long until a funny meme is made? These questions and more are soon going to be answered. While there might be a different setting, the same kind of format is expected and hopefully, some fit couples getting it on for your viewing pleasure!

When is it, where is it…

While the Love Island we are used to is set in Spain, the winter version is happening in Cape Town. It starts on January 12th which is perfect for us who are still nursing the holiday blues and eating our body weight in chocolate. It is set to last for approximately 6 weeks, which is more than enough time for us to become unhealthily obsessed with contestants who we will likely never hear from again. Speaking of contestants, the 12 searching for love has been revealed and you can find some details about them below.

The lowdown on the winter Love Island contestants

Twins Eve and Jess Gale

Students & VIP Hostesses

Why have one blonde bombshell when you can have two with TWINS Eve and Jess Gale? The twenty-year-olds are students who work as VIP hostesses on the side and they already have quite the Instagram following with nearly 40K combined followers and growing!

Sophie Piper, 21

Medical PA and Model

Joining these two in Cape Town is Sophie Piper, who might look familiar to you. She resembles presenter Rochelle Humes and that is because she is actually her younger sister. This Medical PA is very beautiful and guaranteed to get lots of attention during her time in the villa. She boosts nearly 12,000 followers on Instagram and is signed to MiLK management Agency.

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Paige Turley


Lewis Capaldi might be watching because his tasty ex Paige Turley is actually looking for her Mr.Right. They dated when they were teenagers and the babe claims that they are still friends.

Enough about Lewis Capaldi though, Paige actually did get some of her own fame when she featured on Britain’s Got Talent in 2012 at the young age of 14.

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Leanne Amaning 

Customer Service Rep

Another girl to be thrown in the mix is Leanne Amaning who is a customer service rep from London. She is looking for a manly man in Love Island so fingers crossed there are a few to choose from!

Shaughna Phillips

Democratic Service Officer

Next up is the stunning Shaughna Phillips who is a democratic services officer. She describes herself as funny and says that she’s got brains as well as beauty.

Siannise Fudge

Beauty Consultant

The final female entering winter Love Island is Siannise Fudge who is a beauty consultant from Bristol. She likens herself to princess Jasmine and says that she is looking for her very own Aladdin.

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Mike Boateng 

Police Officer 

Enough of the girls, it’s time to check out what man-candy is on offer in the villa. We’ve got a drop-dead gorgeous cop in the form of Mike Boateng from London. He is looking for a confident girl with heaps of personality!

He brands himself as confident, charming and charismatic, with connections to the celeb world already. His brother is in-fact Samuel Boateng, an Apprentice contestant in 2016. Both brothers have clearly taken a different approach to TV appearances…

Connor Durman

Sells coffee

Next up is Connor Durman who is from Brighton and sells coffee beans for a living so let’s hope he finds someone to keep him up all night.

He’s had some new teeth and says they were a godsend as they are now solely responsible for all the birds he’s pulling… He’ll fit in perfectly in the villa.

Callum Jones


They are also throwing in a typical cheeky chappy with Scaffholdeer Callum Jones from Manchester. He claims he wouldn’t go behind a pals back in the villa and would instead opt to speak to his pals first before making a move… very honourable but we have a feeling this may go out the window when you get in there…


Nas Majeed

Sports Science Graduate and Builder

Builder and sports science graduate Nas Majeed is cute, fun and claims that his party trick is being able to whistle like a bird.

He claims he’s kept a low profile when it comes to dating so would love to find the one in the villa. He usually meets girls at university or over the summer.

Ollie Williams

Heir to the Lanhydrock Estate

Lastly we have Ollie Williams from Cornwall. This posh totty is heir to the Lanhydrock Estate and he likes to make sure that everybody knows about it.

While these are the initial 12, there should definitely be a few more thrown in along the way – just to shake things up a little! Do you have a favourite from the winter Love Island contestants yet? We’re sure you will soon enough.

You can lie as much as you want and say you aren’t going to watch the winter edition of Love Island but we all know the truth. It’s a guilty pleasure that you just can’t get enough of and judging from this year’s line up, there are going to be many weird and wonderful characters that we will come to love and hate in equal measure! So it’s time to clear your calendars, stock up your fridge with drinks/snacks and get ready to enjoy…

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