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10 best Netflix series to binge watch when you have fresher’s flu

Fresher’s flu tends to hit all of us at some point during first year. There must be a price to pay for enjoying yourself too much- right? But, with a little entertainment your fresher’s flu confinement can be made slightly more tolerable. Check out these ten best Netflix series to binge watch when getting over freshers.

1. Money Heist

This worldwide favourite follows the story of a criminal mastermind who devises a plan to pull off the biggest heist in history. ‘The Professor’ recruits eight highly skilled individuals to help him, all of whom are nicknamed cities such as Tokyo, Berlin, and Moscow to hide their real identities. This show is not just fast-paced and exciting but also incredibly clever and heart-wrenching. It is the perfect show to consume whilst ill as it will make you forget about your worries whilst you follow characters who play with death.

2. The Chair

The Chair is an American comedy-drama which is set in the fictional Pembroke University- making it the perfect watch for students. The show follows Professor Ji-Yoon Kim, the first woman of colour to be chosen as the chair of the English Department, through her trials and tribulations. It is a hearty watch, family friendly and boasts rave reviews online so is one to push to the top of your list.

3. Behind her Eyes

If you enjoy darker television shows, Behind her Eyes may be a good place to invest your time. This psychological thriller details the tribulations of a single mother who begins an affair with her psychiatric boss whilst befriending his wife! As can be expected, this world of twisted games and toxicity leads to some harrowing revelations. This series will leave you un-nerved but exhilarated!

4. Clickbait

This Australian-American drama details the abduction of family man Nick Brewer. Clickbait explores how dangerous impulses are encouraged and celebrated in the age of social media and reveals the chasms between real life identity and facades portrayed online. This show has many twists and turns and is a real whodunnit till the very last episode!

5. Sex Education

With a new series looming, now may be the best time to re-watch this well-loved series. The comedy, created by Laurie Nunn, follows the socially awkward teenager Otis who begins an underground sex therapy clinic with his friend Maeve. Having lived with his mum Jean, who is a qualified sex therapist, Otis believes he can make money whilst helping others. This hilarious show is not just entertaining but also very educational, working to enlighten teenagers on sexual health which continues to be mis-handled in schools.

6. How to Sell Drugs Online Fast

Whilst we don’t condone the use or selling of drugs, this series is one to bump to the top of your list. If you enjoy coming of age television that boasts some dark humour, this one is for you. It follows Mortiz, a boy who is trying to impress his former girlfriend, as he begins selling drugs from his bedroom and soon becomes one of Europe’s biggest dealers. The show is not just funny but also incredibly creative and interactive; each episode is cool in its own way and makes for an enjoyable watch.

7. Outerbanks

If thrillers and comedies aren’t for you, this action-adventure drama may be better suited. Outerbanks follows a group of teenagers who are determined to find out what happened to their ringleaders’ father. ‘The Pogues’, as they are named, are subsequently chased by the law and are forced to overcome struggles of love, friendship, drugs and money. Set in North Carolina, this show will make you feel as if you are on the sunny beaches and not sat in bed with the flu!

8. Atypical

This heartfelt comedy tracks the life of Sam, a teenager on the autism spectrum, as he navigates high school, love, family and friendship. Sam’s grasp at independence sends his family members on their own life-changing paths. As the audience follows the life of Sam and his family, they are asked to question and explore what it means to be “normal”. The show is made up of some incredibly loveable characters so you can be sure to feel all fuzzy and warm.

9. Afterlife

Another dark comedy drama to fit the flu blues, Afterlife follows the tragic yet funny life of Tony after his beloved wife Lisa dies from cancer. Played by the iconic and controversial Ricky Gervais, this series is much loved and ironically brings light-heartedness to distressing realities.

10. Peaky Blinders

This list of shows would not be complete without the iconic Peaky Blinders. This British period crime drama explores the exploits of the aforenamed gangsters. Headed by the powerful, cut-throat Tommy Shelby, the gang gains popularity and authority around Birmingham in the later 19th century into the early 1900s. If you are looking for a gritty gangster show, this one is for you! With a new series coming out soon, it is the perfect time to binge!

Whatever you choose to watch, we hope your recovery doesn’t take too long. Fresher’s flu can be a nuisance, but you will get through it and will be back to partying in no time. If you would like tips on how to get over freshers flu quicker check out this article here.

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