The first couple of weeks settling into Glasgow uni can be an exciting, but often overwhelming time. Especially if you’ve never lived away from home before.

We get it. It’s tempting to curl up in bed with a tub of Ben and Jerry’s and your fave new Netflix series, telling yourself you don’t miss home. But it happens. It’s a weird and new environment and it takes some getting used to.

So if you’re heading to Glasgow University, or you’re there already and halfway through your second tub of ice cream (we’re not judging), here are our top tips for settling in.

settling into glasgow uni freshers
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Start mingling, right away

Now, as cliche as it sounds, making friends is one of the most important factors at uni. It’s gonna make your time at uni not only fun, full of (drunken) stories and far easier all around, but it’s also going to make settling in a hell of a lot better.

When you’re thinking of packing your bags already, or booking a train home, it’s time to go mingle. Finding your people will make you feel happy and comfortable at uni, especially while you’re settling into Glasgow uni.

Not sure how to break the ice? Get some snacks in with your flatmates and binge-watch the latest TV drama. Or why not test out your group cooking skills together? It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, everyone loves pancakes, right?

If you’re not into cooking and don’t fancy a 4am fire alarm with the entirety of your halls, getting chatty with your coursemates may be a better option. Since these guys are on your course, you’ve already got something in common. You don’t have to start the convo with a discussion on your A-level results don’t fret… You’ll quickly find your tribe.

Try out a society

Now, this might not be everybody’s cup of tea, but societies are also a great way to meet people while settling into Glasgow uni. Whether you’re a football fan or into music, societies naturally break the ice through common interests.

Don’t be afraid to get stuck in, whatever society you’re joining! And remember, if the group itself isn’t your thing for the whole of your uni life, don’t worry, you don’t have to sign away your soul!

Glasgow uni has a bunch of societies on offer, including arts, astrology, the ‘bad movie’ society, you name it. You never know, you might find a hidden talent.

Make your room feel like home

Settling into uni takes time, but having the right environment matters too. While we wouldn’t suggest spending all your time in your room (unless you’re pre-drinking with your flatmates, maybe), it’s gotta feel like home.

Leaving the comfort of your childhood room can seem odd. Yet, the wonderful aspect of personalising your university space is the opportunity to make it as cosy as home.

Bringing your favourite bedding, covering the walls with posters and sketches, or even relocating a few pieces of furniture can make your new space feel intimately familiar.

glasgow uni freshers week

Enjoy Freshers’ Week

You might have already heard a lot about freshers’ week. For those who love to party, this is likely a highlight. However, if drinking isn’t your thing, don’t let the tales unsettle you.

Freshers’ week is essentially a week set up by the uni to help new students mingle. While many events during this week might involve alcohol, there’s an array of others that don’t, from movie outings to games evenings, paintballing, and more.

It’s not mandatory to drink to belong. Engaging in activities that resonate with you will naturally lead you to others with similar interests, fostering genuine friendships. Feeling like an introvert? Check out our guide for surviving freshers’ week as an introvert.