We all have talents; some of us can sing, some of us can draw, some of us can do a Rubik’s cube in under a minute, and some are good at eating a lot of food fast, or can handle spicy food. Whether your talents involve food, or you’re just looking for a fun challenge to do, here are 5 of the craziest food challenges in Liverpool.

1. Pattersons

Source: Patterson Bar Liverpool Instagram

Chicken, tunes, cocktails and beer, Pattersons on Gradwell Street is home to two crazy food challenges: the Hot Wing Challenge and the Quadruple Bypass Burger Challenge.

Coated in their Exorcist hot sauce, to win the Hot Wing Challenge, you have to demolish fifteen of these spicy chicken wings in five minutes. Complete this, and you get your meal for free. So, if you have a strong stomach and a pen to sign a disclaimer, this might be the challenge for you.

Two beef patties, fried chicken, bacon, three different types of cheese, onion rings and hash browns, with a bucketload of fries and slaw on the side. Could you eat all of this in 20 minutes? If you can, sounds like the Quadruple Bypass Burger Challenge is for you. Win this challenge, and the meal is on them.

2. Amalia

Source: Amalia Liverpool Instagram

Home to some of the finest Italian food, Amalia also houses the famous Calzone Challenge. This giant folded pizza weighs five pounds, and four pounds of it is purely filling. If you could finish this in under an hour, not only do you get a free pizza but a t-shirt and your photo on the wall of fame. However, beware, if you fail, your shame is not hidden, as you end up on the wall of fail. If you feel up to the challenge, Campbell Square is calling your name.

3. Salt Dog Slim’s

Salt Dog Slim’s
Source: SALT DOG SLIM’S Instagram

WARNING! The consumption of this product may cause side effects such as tears, uncontrollable sweating, hallucinations, euphoria, trouser explosions, vomiting, pregnancy and invisibility. Or, so it says on Salt Dog Slim’s Suicide Dog Disclaimer. This hotdog on Seel Street is covered in hot sauce, and while there are no physical prizes, besides a glass of milk, if you can get through this, you win bragging rights for eternity.

4. Santa Maluco

Ah pizza, where could you go wrong? For £10, between 3 pm and 5 pm, Santa Maluco on Castle Street host the Sunday Slice Challenge every Sunday. The challenge: see how many slices you can eat in an hour. The current record is fifteen slices, and if you beat this, then you get to eat for free.

5. Red Dog Saloon

Red Dog Saloon
Source: Red Dog Saloon Instagram

Located on Bold Street, Red Dog Saloon is home to two crazy food challenges: the Naga Viper Chilli Pepper Wings and the Devastator.

Covered in the third hottest peppers in the world, the Naga Viper Chill Pepper Wings Challenge requires you to eat six spicy chicken wings with no other food or drink. To make it harder, once you’re done, you have to complete a five minute “cooling off” session before any liquids are allowed to be accessed. Win this challenge, and you get your picture on the wall of fame.

The name “the Devastator” is definitely not an exaggeration for this challenge. Eighteen ounces worth of beef patties, seven ounces of pulled pork, six rashers of bacon and six slices of cheese stuffed between two burger buns. It also comes with a milkshake and fries, and this all has to be eaten within ten minutes. This challenge only has a 7% success rate, and the current record is two minutes and thirty seconds.

6. Uncle Sam’s – 5IB challenge burger

Uncle Sam's - 5IB challenge burger
Source: Uncle Sam’s Liverpool Facebook

Uncle sam’s challenge is to eat this 5IB burger (the size of some babies) in under one hour. The burger is served with bacon, cheesy fries and onion rings.

If you get through this whopper you’ll get a medal, a free meal and a spot on their wall of fame. Go pay them a vision on Bold Street… if you dare.

7. Nolita Cantina

Believe it or not, the big boy above is actually on the standard menu and NOT a food challenge. I think you’ll all agree this should be a food challenge! The Big Boy is triple stacked and layered with swiss and jack cheese, bacon, hash browns, union rings and pickles!

All burgers are served with salad, slaw and fries.

8. Almost Famous

Almost Famous
Source: Almost Famous Instagram

So this is another that doesn’t have an official challenge, but I’m sure you’d agree this would count? All burgers are served with double patty and comes with cheese, pulled pork, bacon, chorizo and more. You’ll also get fries which is pretty much a meal on its own.

Last Updated on July 2, 2024