Brunch is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Sometimes, you need a mimosa with avocado on toast to start the day off right, which I agree with! Brunch makes it socially acceptable to drink with breakfast so it automatically becomes the best meal of the day. To enjoy a Sex in the City type brunch it is extremely important to find the right brunch place. Hence, here are a few of the best ones in London that are worth every penny!


Coya London
Credit: Coya

Located in Mayfair, going to Coya can be likened to a party because of the amazing vibes one would find in this restaurant. Three courses of wonderful food, service that ensures your glass is never empty, and a whole carnival show! Coya is definitely one to go to if you want the party to never end.

Red Rooster

Red Rooster London
Credit: Visit London

Initially from America, Red Rooster rose to fame through its soul-food menu fit for any occasion. There is also a gospel choir every Sunday, so Red Rooster is an all-round treat vouched for by Barack Obama and Denzel Washington. In London, one will find it on Shoreditch.

Duck and Waffle

Duck and Waffle London
Credit: Visit London

Boasting one of the best views of the city of London, as well as some of the best waffles in London! Duck and Waffle can be found on London Bridge. Therefore it is conveniently near all your afternoon plans as well!

The Wolseley

The Wolseley London
Credit: Daily Mail

A gem in Piccadilly Circus. The Wolseley offers a traditional British breakfast but better because the ingredients are not your everyday breakfast. Duck eggs and mustard butter are examples of the different yet mouth-watering menu, and if that wasn’t enough, it is great for pictures.


Hide London
Credit: The Nudge

Hide can be found ‘hidden’ in Green Park, serving perhaps the best banana bread in London. It is a multiple floor restaurant and has ample space with a neutral-themed décor that prevents the hangover headache from worsening. It also offers a view of Green Park, which is perfect for a calm and relaxing brunch.


Credit: Visit London

A small French-inspired bistro serving the classic carbohydrate-heavy breakfast, which you can never go wrong with. Sweet or savoury, Blanchette will have a dish that leaves you satisfied and in a ‘carb coma’. The customer service is also impeccable, so if the food wasn’t enough to leave you smiling, the staff will be.

Bombay Bustle

Bombat Bustle London
Credit: Fabled Studio

An Indian restaurant in Mayfair pays homage to the wonderful food that originates in India’s subcontinent. Their Sunday brunch menu serves some of the best Indian breakfast food; all made to an impeccable standard. Whether it is something light like Idli or you’re looking for comfort food like the Chole Bhaturey, Bombay Bustle has you covered.


Dishoom London
Credit: Dishoom

An Indian restaurant that has become extremely famous for its delicious dinner menu. However, their breakfast menu is a hidden gem. The menu is so diverse that everything you could want will be on a plate, including a…wait for it…breakfast naan roll! Dishoom serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner fit for a Queen and is worth a visit.

These are just a few of the great Bunch locations in London, so whatever the weather and whatever the mood, this list has you covered. London offers everything in your wildest dreams, as do these magnificent restaurants which tick all the boxes. If you are hungover and fancy a simple brunch or don’t want last night’s party to end, there is always a Bunch made to measure for you.