London has so much to offer, but what about the best spots to study? Whether you work best in a silent or chaotic environment, we’ve got you covered. So, you’ve got an armful of textbooks, a fully charged laptop, and three essays to write—so where do you go? Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up our top picks for study spots in London.

The British Library

Source: The British Library

Why not study surrounded by the ‘world-leading collection’? (We’ll just ignore how much of that collection is stolen from places we colonised…) With three cafes and a gift shop, you’ll have everything you need to get a long study session in. A “reader pass” is free, you just have to renew it every three years! The registration process is worth it for the access to the impressive collections, private reading rooms and free Wi-Fi.

Bookshop Cafes

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With a wealth of super-sized, multi-story, jumbo bookshops like Foyles and Waterstones scattered around London, there’s guaranteed to be a convenient location for you. Grab a coffee and set up camp in one of their numerous cafes. This is especially good for those who thrive in chaos.

London’s parks

Source: Hannah Armour

With this heatwave, why not take advantage of the great weather and study outside. Pack a blanket and some snacks alongside all your study materials and have an academic picnic! The sunshine will revive your soul (and maybe even give you a tan). Hyde Park too busy? Why not give Fordham or Greenwich Park a chance? After all, it’ll be winter again soon, might as well soak up all the vitamin D you can.


Source: Hannah Armour

Now this is a controversial one. You might assume working in a heavily alcoholic, loud, busy place is a recipe for disaster…and you might be right. But who knows, maybe genius will strike. After all, not all studying has to be done with your nose in a book—round up a group of like-minded peers and discuss your course! Or teach it to some friends, you’ll quickly discover the gaps in your knowledge.

Bubble Tea
Source: Unsplash

Not such a fan of coffee but still need a shot of sugar? With shops all over London, set up camp and work all day. If you need a mental health break, do some people watching! Still not enough of a break? Check out our list of the best places to go and relax in London!

Westminster Reference Library

Source: Westminster Reference Library

For those that need complete silence to concentrate, Westminster Reference Library might just be the place for you. This gorgeous library has three reading rooms, not to mention magical staircases—if you’re one for Instagrammable locations, you’ll love this library. You’ll be living the dark academia aesthetic in real life! Unfortunately for those with caffeine addictions, you’ll have to bring your own, this well stocked library isn’t stocked with coffee shops.

Changing study location not enough to get you into the studying mood? Still struggling with the move from A level to University work? Check out our 8 tips on how to adjust to the university workload if you need a helping hand. Where’s your favourite spot to study in? Let us know in the comments below!