If there’s one person who can stir-up envy like no other, it’s Bonnie Rakhit.

The former Elle magazine fashion editor now writes and runs The Style Traveller: an exploration of the world’s most luxurious places, in which she journeys across the globe documenting the most glamorous events around.

Nine days ago she posted a piece titled 48 hrs as a Millionaire in Monte Carlo. Three weeks ago, her headline read LA’s Best Insta Locations and What to do in West Hollywood.

If the green-eyed monster still hasn’t taken hold, check out her Instagram and YouTube. Both are diary entries of exotic locations, light blue skies and twinkling seas.

Okay, so now you’re jealous.

But you really don’t have to be. Because you can have that life too. Sort of…

We quizzed the Londoner on her favourite places to visit in the English capital. Try her top tips and you can get a taste of Rakhit’s life of luxury.

My favourite pub in London is… Gordon’s Wine Bar on Embankment, it has a really Dickensian feeling as you enter the cellars filled with candles and beer barrels as tables. It’s one of London’s first bars and has a great large outdoor space overlooking the park and river.

My favourite club in London is… I love house music so Fabric and XOYO in East London..

My favourite view in London is… from the top of Primrose Hill, especially on a sunny day with a picnic.

My favourite curry house in London is… I have two, I love Chutney Mary (if I’m not paying!) and also Dishoom, I’m addicted to the Indian chilli cheese toast!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUyJkLuJX-0&w=560&h=315]

My favourite shop in London is… Liberty, it’s so beautiful in there you could just wander around for hours.

My favourite place for a date in London is… I love the South Bank, just taking a walk along there you can pop into loads of different bars, cafes, restaurants and galleries on route, in case you want to extend your date!

My favourite takeaway in London is… I like Deliverance because if there’s a group of you, you can all order different countries takeaway in one go. I’m also a sucker for a Domino’s!

The best thing about London is… it’s one of the most vibrant, multicultural and accepting capitals in the world, anything goes here, you can be whoever you want to be.

The worst thing about London is… I can’t think of anything, I love it here!

The three words I would use to describe London are… frantic, fun, fabulous.