It’s a new year and quality sound is returning to Brick Lane on Thursday the 26th of January. With a classy remix of their beloved loft space, Café 1001 introduces the loft audio bar. This Shoreditch hotspot has and will continue to host massive live events (only this time with a new and improved space to lounge).

The loft audio bar promises to bring ambient sounds, played by talented DJ’s, diverse drinks and immaculate vibrations.

Address:Dray Walk, London E1 6QL

Start time: 18:00pm – 00:00

The line-up…

Café 1001 invites back James Priestley, alongside Jake de Glanville, Lucidé and Dig Yourself.

So what’s new?

To let you know they weren’t kidding, the loft audio bar has some serious new hardware installed. Four new Klipsch Heresy speakers, 2 Eltax Vintage PWR 1959 speakers, a Funktion 1 f10 and Br118 ensure that music will follow you throughout loft. Congregate and converse whilst being encapsulated by amazing music.

Café 1001 dually retains its original charisma and whilst introducing an updated feel for bar goers and music lovers alike. With an updated, minimalistic interior, a lot really has changed with the New Year. And no, they haven’t gotten rid of the graffiti toilets…

This launch isn’t one to miss, so why not spend an evening this week at Café 1001’s loft audio bar?

Tickets are available here.