And breathe. Despite all the chaos that always seems to happen around us, especially for the last year and a half, you’ve finally finished your exams, which means party, party, party! Summer has truly just begun, and so there are no more reasons to worry about assignments, readings, and lectures for a very long time – well, until September at least. With all of that being said, after the very, unique, shall we say, university experience a lot of us have had online, it’s time to celebrate the end of it all, this time in person! So we have compiled a list of a few of the best places to celebrate the end of exams in London, because where better to let off some steam than in the capital itself?

Ballie Ballerson

Address: 97-113 Curtain Rd, London EC2A 3BS

ballie ballerson
Source: Wander In Two

Whether it be bottomless brunch, a VIP booth for you and your mates, or just one heck of a good night balls deep in alcohol, Ballie Ballerson has the perfect packages for a celebration. Like no other party place in London, why not rewind to the good old days before we even knew exams existed and play around in the ball pits – with, of course, the addition of great tasting cocktails, which we definitely know about! So not only can you have a great time with your friends in preparation for what’s to come in Summer, you can also do it without having to stretch your student loan!

London Bridge Rooftop

Address: Colechurch House, Bridge Walk, London SE1 2SX

london bridge rooftop
Source: The Nudge

Their motto of ‘here for a good time, not a long time’ is definitely one we need to consider living by after finishing our exams, and London Bridge Rooftop is one of the best places to start doing so. Just as the name suggests, you can enjoy panoramic views of the capital from the top whilst sipping on your choice of champagne, wine, or gin just to name a few, now no longer with the guilt of procrastinating on any work that’s due. Whether you make it a classy outing or the start of a messy celebration night, make sure you take advantage of this place (and definitely book in advance).

Flight Club

flight club london
Source: Flight Club

Flight Club is an exciting bar dotted around London that takes your typical dart games at your local pub to an entirely new level, and to be honest, we’re all here for it! Whether you’re a beginner or a fully fledged professional, once the cocktails and pints start flowing, the line becomes slightly more blurred, but the celebrations become even more exciting. The end of exams is a perfect excuse to check out their afternoon fizz and brunch social because that’s exactly what they’re for, right?

Lucky Voice Karaoke

lucky voice karaoke
Source: QX Magazine

A karaoke bar like no other, Lucky Voice is the perfect place to start and finish off your celebrations without having to go anywhere else! Name a better way to let of some steam with a few drinks and some very bad drunk karaoke singing, we’ll wait. Take your pick of over 10,000 songs, ranging from current chart hits to the old school classics alongside a selection of pizza and cocktails, and make sure to check out the photo booth at the end of the night – well, someone has to remember the celebrations, right?


swingers london
Source: Design My Night

Despite the very unfortunate name, Swingers is actually a crazy golf venue perfect for celebrating the end of exams, whether that be with a few close friends or the majority of your coursemates! Not only can you practice those infamous mini golf skills, there’s plenty of street food and crazy cocktails to keep you going until the late hours of the night, not the mention a resident DJ to make sure you can get a boogie on all at the same time. If you fancy a change from a classic uni night out to a more memorable celebration, then Swingers is definitely worth checking out.

Barrio Bar

bario bar
Source: Time Out

A hotspot for all London students, Barrio Bar is a Latin inspired venue serving exciting cocktails and brunches, and we just know that it will be absolutely heaving with celebrations every single day of the week. Not only is there a resident DJ playing all the best tracks to start your night off the right way, but they also have great drink deals every day, so we know that there is definitely room in the student budget for this! With outdoor terraces to soak up the sun whilst drinking your mojitos, and a fun tropical atmosphere inside to shelter from the unpredictable weather, Barrio Bar is the perfect place to celebrate the end of your exams.

The Shard Rooftop Party

Address: Floor 72, Joiner Street, SE1 9QU

The shard
Source: Trip Advisor

Now, if you really want to celebrate the end of exams London-style, then there’s no better place to start than the top of the Shard! With a view and venue truly like no other, we couldn’t think of a better place to let your hair down and treat yourself to such a special experience –  this is slightly on the more expensive side, although these celebrations are definitely worth a bit of a splurge. However, with inclusive drinks, a resident DJ and a party that continues well past sunset, there’s literally no reason why we shouldn’t see you all there.


Hopefully, all of our choices will be on your Summer party list, because these really are the best places to celebrate the end of exams in London or really anything for that matter! And once freshers rolls around, we can do it all over again (fingers crossed).