Are you in need of some money and have too many clothes lying around? Well, there is only one explanation for this, and this is it is time to sell your clothes. For some, this is a very hard realisation to come to, that it is finally to say goodbye to that one top you wore once about five years ago – don’t worry we’ve all been there…

With so many websites available online, it has become even easier to sell clothes now, and we are here to show you the best way to do this! Here they are:

1. Depop

Cash for clothes
Source: Peacock Plume

First up we have Depop, perhaps the most popular clothes selling app to come about in the last few years. Through Depop, you can sell what you want (including clothes of course), but the thing to be successful with Depop is it is more tailored to vintage stuff as it sells quicker, the quirkier, the better.

Depop is designed like Instagram. First, you upload a picture – in the similar square format to Instagram – then you add a caption underneath with details such as the condition, price, description and even a few hashtags. This app isn’t just limited to clothes as you can also sell other items such as posters, old books, records, and so much more!

Also, if you see an item you want but you don’t want to pay the price, you can offer to swap another item the seller might be interested instead.

2. Vinted

Cash for clothes

Just like Depop, you can sell anything on Vinted, but on this app, it tends to be for more upmarket high street brands such as Zara. Millions of users use Vinted every day, so it is almost guaranteed you will be able to sell clothes through the Vinted app.

Also with Vinted, this is set towards an older audience so if you have some vintage clothing someone like your mum may be interested in, then Vinted is the right app for you.

3. eBay

Cash for clothes
Source: TheVerge

If you are looking to go back to the old school ways of selling clothes online, then eBay is the place for you. Although it may not be as popular as it used to be for selling clothes, eBay still gets millions of users every day, so you are guaranteed to get someone viewing what you are selling.

The best thing with eBay is you can either start the selling with a classic bidding war, meaning the price will increase, or you can simply pick a set price and go for the buy it now option.

A top tip for anyone wanting to sell their clothes on eBay is to end the bidding on a Sunday as this is the busiest day of the week for the website.

4. Etsy

Cash for clothes Etsy
Source: Stripy Dot

Etsy isn’t a place you normally associate with selling clothes as it is mostly for selling homemade and vintage items. Although it is normally associated with homemade craft items, you can still sell your own clothing or even upcycle your clothing and make yourself stand out from the crowd.

With Etsy, they do have strict rules on what you are allowed to sell so make sure you check the small print first.

5. Facebook Marketplace

Cash for clothes facebook marketplace

If you are looking to sell on Facebook Marketplace, just know this is for more selling in your local area. If this is what you are looking for, then this is the selling domain for you! The other best thing about this is it is free to sell on.

It may not be the most successful for selling clothes – as you tend to sell bigger products on here such as furniture – but Facebook Marketplace is still a great platform for you to try and sell your clothes on.

You simply upload your items in the traditional way, and it will also merge with Facebook selling groups, meaning more exposure for your items. By selling through Facebook Marketplace, you will be selling to specific groups in specific locations, meaning they will be able to collect items for free instead of having to pay for postage.

6. Gumtree

Cash for clothes gumtree
Source: Gumtree

Gumtree is similar to Facebook Marketplace, except that it was well around before Marketplace. It is a similar selling platform as you also tend to go for more collection in person rather than paying for postage.

Gumtree is a site for free classified ads, and it is not just for selling clothes but also items on a bigger scale including cars, properties and even advertising jobs.

7. Patatam

Cash for clothes patatam
Source: Club Commerce Connecte

Patatam is a selling platform that many may not have heard of. This is for selling preloved women and kids clothing. It is a specialist trade-in site, and in order to sell on Patatam, you need at least 20 items to sell.

Through this, you must then provide the details of the brand, size and type of items. Patatam then generates a value for all the items and sends you a free to postbag in order to send the items to them to sell. They then can either pay you through pay pal, bank transfer or a Patatam voucher where you can buy second-hand clothing through Patatam themselves.

8. Shpock

Cash for clothes Shpock
Source: Wikipedia

Shpock, which stands for Shop in your pocket, has both an app and website available to all who wants to sell on the platform. This is similar to Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree as you can sell your items locally.

You simply post ads for your unwanted goods, and the payer comes round to pay cash in hand and therefore they are saving money on postage again as collection in person is free.

To sell your items, you simply take a picture, enter a few details and wait for the offers to roll in…

9. Car boot sales

If you thought selling on Ebay was old school, then you are in for a shock with car boot sales. This is truly the classic way of selling your clothes, especially before selling clothes online was even a thing.

Unfortunately, car boot sales are something that you won’t be able to do at the moment (due to obvious reasons), but there is always the future after Miss Rona has disappeared from our lives. The best thing about car boot sales is you can negotiate a price for what you are buying and again there is no postage involved as you are selling face to face.

Clothes also tend to be a lot cheaper at car boot sales, and as a customer, you can view the clothes before you decide to buy them whereas online you are paying for an item you haven’t even seen yet.

10. Selling clothes by Kilo to charity

This is a way of selling clothes that has become more popular within the last few years. Through this, you place any clothes in a bag all together and take it to a place where you live locally that offers this service, and then you earn money by a certain amount that is charged for each kilogram.

The greater thing about this initiative is the clothes are donated to charities who can then provide the clothes to someone in need of them. You may not get as much money through this scheme as you cannot sell the clothes individually, but it is still for a great cause.

Also, clothes are thoroughly checked before they work out how much money you will earn from it so clothes must be in very good condition.

So, if you are looking to sell clothes then here are some top tips on where to sell your clothes, either online or face to face. In my opinion, online is the best way to go, especially in the current circumstances. What will you pick?