University goes so fast, and before you realise it, it’ll be third year and you’ll be desperately scrambling through your dissertation, praying for the hungover days of freshers. It’s crucial to make sure you have a great time before that happens, so we’ve got a list of the 10 things you have to do before you graduate.

1. Go to a university sports match

what to do at uni
Source: The Complete University Guide

There’s something that just hits different about going to support your uni at a sports match. Even if you’re not a sports fan, there’s an element of pride in seeing your team at an event. Plus, everyone goes out afterwards and it’s just a great laugh. Enjoy the chants and Mexican waves and support your team, even if you’ve got no clue about what’s going on.

2. Pull an all-nighter

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Source: Smart Nora

Whether its for a wild night out or a cosy night in, pulling an all-nighter with your uni friends is a staple of university life. You’ve got to do it at least once. It might even be spent in the library trying to bash out that final essay before the deadline… We’ve all been there. No shame.

3. Go to a pub quiz

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Source: The Independent

Pub quizzes are not only great fun, but they are also one of the best ways to get free drinks. usually, the price is a paid off tab or a voucher for your next visit, so take your friends and go see if you can put your degree-level smarts to the test.

4. Have a Christmas dinner

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Source: Wilko

One of the best things about uni can be sharing a kitchen with people. Why don’t you and your friends each take control of an element of a roast or Christmas dinner and have a flat celebration? You could even choose the easiest element like the gravy if you’re not a pro in the kitchen!

5. Have a BBQ

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Source: Big K

Before you head home for the summer, be sure to make the most out of the English early summer weather and have a BBQ in your local park or garden (be sure to check you’re allowed to if you’re going to do it in public!). Just grab a disposable BBQ, some frozen sausages or burgers and whack them on the barbie. Or, if you want to be a bit fancier, make yourself a kebab with some peppers, onion, halloumi and a meat or protein of your choice. You can even do s’mores.

6. Go to the wrong lecture

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Source: The University of Sheffield

If you’ve got a student card, you can pretty much go anywhere on campus. So at least once in your time at university, it’s good fun to just stroll into a random lecture. Pick up some experimental maths or ecology alongside your literature degree, just for the fun of it.

7. Big Tesco at night

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Source: The Manc

We can’t explain it. There’s some kind of thrill that comes with nighttime shopping, especially somewhere like a big Tesco. Get yourself on a bus with your friends and go pick up some random bits and bobs at an even random-er time. It just feels good. We still don’t know why.

8. Go to lectures in your PJs 

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Source: Eluxe Magazine

Wild night out? Freshers flu hitting you hard? Just rock up to your lectures in your PJs for ultimate comfort levels. This is easier in freshers or if you live in halls on campus, as you might get some looks on the bus or walk to uni otherwise!

9. Attend a student night

what to do at uni
Source: We Love Brighton

Even if you’re not a big drinker, student nights are just good fun. They’re full of like-minded, similar-aged people all just after a good time. And if you do drink, there are usually lots of banging deals on drinks and entry. It’s definitely worth checking out what student nights are near you when you’re at uni.

10. Have a cocktail night

what to do at uni
Source: Virgin Experience Days

You and your friends will undoubtedly reach a point where you’ve been to all the clubs, and you fancy a drink but not anywhere that’s on offer… So grab some ingredients and try and make your own cocktails. See who can make the best one, and maybe add in some drinking games to make the night.