The excitement of Freshers’ Week is infectious! From the socialising at cool events to finding your favourite society. Freshers’ Week for many is the highlight of many student’s university memories. However, this isn’t always the case. A cocktail of bad decisions can potentially take away from the magic of this experience. In order to guarantee having a freshers’ to remember (for the right reasons) these are the 10 things not to do at university Freshers’ Week.

1. Don’t get too drunk (immediately)

things not to do at university freshers week
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We’re starting off with the most obvious tip of them all. Alcohol might take the edge off but heavy drinking in Freshers’ Week simply isn’t wise. Getting blackout at an event will no doubt leave a great impression on your peers and leave you cringing!

It also isn’t the safest of choices either, find more info on how to stay safe during freshers.

But having said that, you probably will get drunk. So just make a plan ahead of how to get home and stick with friends.

2. Don’t stay home all the time

don't stay home all of freshers week

There are so many things not to do at university Freshers’ Week. No showing all the amazing events is a big no-no.

We feel for the introverts reading but Freshers’ Week truly is the best time to confront these fears. Events great for socialising with other people in your situation and make a perfect ice breaker, so give it a try.

 3. Don’t stay inside all the time!

Making friends at university can be easy as bumping into someone at the local shop. Staying inside will do nothing but isolate you. Check out the library, pay attention to posters and interact with other students. You won’t regret it!

Getting out in the sun is also great for endorphins, and can help you manage student stress a bit better. But it is Freshers’ Week, so don’t feel the need to spend it exercising. You’ll be doing that by dancing.

4. Don’t join too many societies

what not to do during freshers week
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We’ve got tons of tips on how to join a student society, but if we could give you one piece of advice – it’s to not go crazy signing up to everything at once.

There’s nothing like being hounded by all the societies you swore you’d join a week ago. The reality is that you’ll probably only have enough time to enjoy two of them (three max)

5. Don’t think you are going to make loads of friends immediately

lonely person

You likely won’t. Most university social groups are comprised of friends in the same lectures, and those you at socials. It can take a while for you to find your tribe.

6. Don’t feel tied to the friends you do make in Freshers’ Week

group of friends at university

Finding the friends you’ll finish university with at freshers week is rare. It’s just how it goes, often times the people you meet will become acquaintances before too long – Just contacts on social chat you haven’t messaged in forever.

This is completely normal! Don’t restrict yourself!

7. Ignore local advice on health services

NHS Urgent Treatment Centre Walk-Ins Nottingham
Source: NHS Urgent Treatment Centre Nottingham

This will definitely come in handy later, trust us. Knowing where the local NHS walk-ins or sexual health clinics are is important – even if you don’t need them straight away. Also knowing how to change to a local doctors at uni is highly recommended.

8. Don’t forget to ring your friends and family

What not to do at freshers

Allowing yourself to get homesick is definitely one of the things not to do at university Freshers’ Week. It’s not easy being away from home by yourself.

Those calls home are essential, especially before meeting your friends.

 9. Don’t forget to check your emails!

check emails

Time flies when you’re having fun and it can be easy to get lost in the madness. Stay in the loop and Freshers’ Week becomes even more fun.

10. Don’t go too hard too early

Forgetting to organise a schedule is one of the main things not to do at university Freshers’ Week. Sleep for instance is crucial, neglect this and you’ll find yourself more susceptible to the infamous fresher’s flu (or Covid!) 

things not to do at university freshers week
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So now you know the 10 things not to do at university Freshers’ Week. We hope you enjoyed our list! Need any more tips for your freshers? Look no further! We’ve compiled even more tips here!

Freshers’ will come and go but these tips will prove useful throughout your time studying. Ultimately, you’re in for a hell of a week. Allow yourself to feel everything and follow our tips to make the most of it.