Exam season is upon us, which means its time to get your head down and crack on. However, the lead up to the exams – especially in times during a lockdown at the moment – it is vital you keep organised to stop your mind leading astray and assure you can get the best out of revision before you take on the final examination. But how to stay organised? Well, here are some tips on how to do it.

1. Calendar/diary

organisation tips

If you are unsure of where to start, then it is best to organise your time first, and for this, you either need a calendar or a day by day diary. By having the dates in front of you, especially in a diary, you can spread your time equally on paper to decide what subjects you will study and how long for.

If you do this, then you leave no stone unturned and ensure that all revision is covered!

2. Revision timetable

Organisation tips
Source: The Lawyer Portal

Once you have put dates to subjects, next up is the revision timetable. In a way, this is very similar to using a diary or a calendar, but this timetable means you have it all down on one piece of paper.

To make it even more appealing, you can be as creative as you want with your revision timetable as the more eye-catching it is, it may encourage you more to get your head down and do the work.

3. Clean room clean mind

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Many university students will be able to relate this at the moment as they will be stuck in their rooms, having to work from their desk chair from dawn till dusk. This may be a struggle that we have to face at the moment; however, this can be dealt with a bit better to make the situation not as bad as it sounds.

In order to keep your mind from straying from work, it is best to make sure your room is spick and span because if you have a clean room, then you have a clean mind! For instance, take your desk, this is going to be your sanctuary at the moment, so you are not going to be able to work if there is a mess all over it with no space to work around.

Simply sweep everything off, or put it somewhere else for the duration of your work and from then, your concentration will significantly improve.

4. Get creative- mind maps and revision cards

organisation tips
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If you are like me, then having to revise for exams, I cannot simply just learn from my notes. Mind maps and revision cards are the way to go. Just like the revision timetable, this needs to be eye-catching if you are going to need to be giving them your undeniable attention.

The best steps to take when making either revision cards or mind maps is to keep the information specific and include the most vital information needed, and then you will know the basics and then be able to expand on what you already know.

5. Relaxing/leisure time

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Revision is obviously vital to succeeding in your exams, but you need to remember to take some time away from the desk and the computer screen before you burn out. So, in your revision timetable, make sure you pencil in some time away, whether that’s reading a book, talking with friends or even having a cup of tea, do it to ensure all your revision doesn’t go to waste.

6. Smash it!

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Once your revision is all done and it comes to exam day, then the last tip is to go and smash it! When it comes to exam day, the best organisation tips is to make sure you are energised, hydrated and ready to take on the final exam. Make sure you wake up with plenty of time ready, set your alarm, have some breakfast, make sure you have a bottle of water ready and then you are ready…

So, take all these organisational tips into account, and then you will be able to smash your assessments this exam season. Good luck!