Exam time can bring out the best and worst in people.

But let’s be honest, it’s mostly the latter.

And no matter whether you’re studying to be a nurse, engineer or wesbite designer, the emotional stages of prepping for an exam or completing an assignment always go a little something like this…

1. Denial

You were handed a class syllabus in your very first lecture, but you’re blissfully unaware that there’s a test on the 22nd November at 9am. Plus, ‘that’s like, two weeks away anyway, plenty of time!’

2. Determination

‘Ok you’ve got five days to buckle down and get this DONE. You can DO THIS. That hour your spent creating a schedule using multiple highlighters to indicate desk time, snack breaks, revision and breathing exercises, is bloody brilliant. You are going to nail this study time.’

3. Anger

‘How the F*#K did I just spend so much time on that schedule, but then can’t deal with more than 10 MINUTES of Anatomy?? What is wrong with you, DO YOU EVEN HAVE A BRAIN IN THERE?’

Angry Fuck Me GIF

4. Bargaining

‘Ok look, if you write 800 words by tonight, you can go to the glitter rave. But I swear to God if you don’t have that done, you’re not going, regardless of the sparkly tutu you bought. Yes, I suppose you can reward yourself with a chocolate Digestive after every paragraph. Go get them.’

5. Optimism

‘Oh my god, you’ve actually accomplished something. Look at all those highlighted passages, those revision dot points. You might actually top the class!’

6. Panic

‘Whyyyyyyy did I go and talk to that guy from my class? I mean, at least now I know I was studying the wrong decade for Ancient History, but farrrrrk me. That means everything I’ve done until now has been a complete WASTE. I need Red Bull, I need a new brain, I need MORE TIME.’

7. Depression

‘How will I tell my parents I failed uni? I’m going to have to say goodbye to all my new friends, move back home and get a job at Burger King. My 9th grade teacher was right, I WILL amount to nothing if my bad behaviour continues.’

8. Desperation

‘Wait, what if I draw the answers on my wrists with a UV pen and then install a blue light underneath my ruler. They won’t be monitoring that stuff will they? I better head to Rymans.’

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9. Acceptance

Look, you’ve done all you can do for now. At least if you show up it’s not an instant fail.

Now you’ve read the 9 emotional stages of studying, where are you up to? We hope you’ve made it through, and if not, here are some study tips to get you through!