Ever woken up with a throbbing headache and not known what to do about it? With university now well underway and clubs reopening up and down the country, hangovers are becoming all too familiar once again. As a student who has lectures, seminars and other obligations, hangovers can be deadly- especially when you have a busy day ahead. I know we’ve probably all felt the regret the next morning clutching our pillows and promising we’d never drink again… and then we drink again! Now, although we can’t promise to rid the regret once and for all, our list of hangover cures are guaranteed to make you feel slightly better again.


easy hangover cures - keep hydrated
Source: The Guardian

This one cannot be emphasised enough. Hydration is key to washing out all the nasty liquids in your body. The best time to rehydrate after drinking is right before you go to sleep. Although it might be tempting to crash straight away, your body will thank you for the next morning if you drink up! Treating  yourself to huge glasses of water, apple or orange juice before you sleep, or even a mug of ginger lemon tea the next morning, can really do wonders for hangovers.

Eat a good breakfast

Easy Hangover Cures to Get You Through Freshers

Eating a hearty breakfast will help reimburse your body with vital vitamins and minerals. I am sure we are all way too familiar with the walk to Spoons after a night out; try to balance out a greasy full English with some fresh foods like fruit, avocado, and other healthy options. Hangover cures are often remedial, and so treating your body well the next day with fresh produce is like a reward for tiring it out the night before!


Easy hangover cure - Supplements
Source: Medical News Today

Some research has found that various supplements can also ease hangovers. These include red ginseng, prickly pear, ginger, and borage oil. Despite this not being scientifically proven, if you are really needing a pick me up, maybe this solution is for you.

Sugary foods

easy hangover cure - sugary foods
Source: AIA Malaysia

Consuming salt and sugar after a night out helps to replace the sodium and glycogen lost the night before. Treat yourself to a sugary snack, or why not make a rehydration drink which is proven to reduce the effects of hangovers?

Pain relief

easy hangover cure - supplements
Source: Chiropractic Economics

If the hangover is really that bad, make sure you take some pain relief. Aspirin, ibuprofen and other non-inflammatory drugs will help ease the onset of headaches and other achy feelings you may be experiencing. Whatever you do, don’t take acetaminophen, as this may trigger any alcohol still left in the body, resulting in toxic effects. Even if you are desperate to find a hangover cure, it’s always important to look after your health first.

However you choose to treat your hangover, we hope at least one of these tips help. Although, sometimes the only cure is a long, lazy day spent in bed eating takeaway, and that is okay; there are plenty more things to be getting on with in freshers! Make sure you also look after yourself and balance out the heavy nights with quiet ones, just so that your body can recover in preparation for next time.

Last Updated on February 1, 2024