After so long without, everyone is so excited for festivals. But a lot of us have forgotten how much work they are. From the tents to the first aid kits, the wheelbarrows of dark fruits – it’s not easy having a good time. So to help you out, here are 10 tips to get you through the festival season in a neat little festival survival guide.

10. Don’t wear nice shoes 

festival survival tips
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Festivals get muddy, like, really muddy. Plus, despite most of them being in the summer, British weather is never really reliable. There’s a reason Download gets nicknamed Drownload. So if possible, avoid wearing shoes you particularly care about or anything white. Dr Martens, wellies, or washable converse are a good option, but the latter doesn’t provide much support, so if you’re planning on moshing or standing up a lot, then maybe invest in some sturdier shoes.

9. Download the festival app

festival tips
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Festivals like Reading and Leeds have apps that you can download. These will show you the lineups for each stage and save you from missing the acts you wanted to see. Alternatively, print out the lineups and do it the old fashioned way to save yourself some phone battery.

8. Don’t camp near walkways 

festival tips
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Walkways in festivals are loud. They’re muddier than anywhere else and often form little rivers. Plus, people tend not to make their way back to their tent before needing to pee… So basically, just don’t do it. Don’t camp near the gates or the loos either. Noisy, smelly, and the muddiest parts of the field.

7. Don’t forget the essentials 

festival essentials
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Obviously, bring things like your tent, sleeping bag, etc., but you should also remember things like bin bags, baby wipes, dry shampoo, suncream, and plasters. These may seem like obvious things, but the amount of people who forget them and have to suffer through the weekend with sweaty, crusty hair or with blisters and no protection is unreal. Besides, a lot of these items have multiple uses. For example, bin bags make for flags, rubbish bags, makeshift rain ponchos, mats to sit on, laundry bags, and even toilets if the worst comes to worst.

6. Pitch your tents in a circle 

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If you’re going with friends, try to pitch your tents in a circle or with some kind of space in the middle. This makes a little safe space for you all to hang out after a long day of seshing and gives you some sort of shelter from everyone else, too.

5. Pack a hangover helper bag 

hangover tips for festivals
Source: xameliax

As well as your essentials, pack a Hangover Helper. This will consist of things like anti-nausea tablets, ibuprofen, Rennie, gum, sick bags, rehydration tablets and some vitamins. Festivals tend to involve a lot of drinking, and whilst many people treat their festival hangovers with more drinks, it’s sometimes wise to actually treat the issue before carrying on—just a suggestion.

4. Leave early 

tips for festivals
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We don’t mean leave a day early or anything, of course. But if you can face it, wake up really early the morning of the last day and head off before all the other hungover zombies arise. You’ll skip the crowds and the queues and get back to your own bed and shower, pronto.

3. Make a designated ‘gross’ space 

festival hacks

Your clothes will get soaked in various alcohols, sweat, and possibly even other… stuff. So make a space in your tent or campsite for all the gross stuff. Put all of it in a binbag or just pile it up in the corner (but that might smell a little).

2. Take a scented lip balm 

life hacks for festivals
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The portaloos are gross at festivals, and that’s no secret or surprise. So when it comes to Day 3, and you’re desperate for a whizz, scented lip balm under your news will come in handy. Trust us; artificial cherry is better than whatever else you might get a whiff of.

1. Get insurance on anything expensive 

life hacks for festivals
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So many people get things stolen from them at festivals, and that’s no surprise. That many people, all drinking, things are bound to get broken, taken or lost. So get insurance out on anything expensive – like your phone, speakers, etc. It’s better safe than sorry, especially if your phone is a nice one!

Last Updated on September 2, 2022