Food shopping online can be a make-or-break point for anyone, let alone a university student that miraculously misplaced their maintenance loan while accumulating several Taco Bell boxes. Especially true during our third lockdown, we’ve come to see. So, we’ve put together a list of apps and offers that will get you free (or almost free) food right here in the UK:

Taco Bell

Taco Bell
Credit: Taste of Home

As we mentioned earlier, Taco Bell has become a staple of UK student diets. It will please some readers to know that if you get the Taco Bell mobile app using a friend’s invite code, you will receive a free Taco and 50 points. This is definitely one that shows how teamwork makes the dream work.

(Bonus: At 200 points, you can get free Churro’s!)


Credit: BBC

Have you ever heard of the Colonel’s Club? If the idea of a free side entices you at all, consider signing up on the KFC app and receive 3 stamps. These will be enough for your choice of side, including, but not limited to, small popcorn chicken, hot wings, regular fries or a sundae.

Krispy Kreme:

Krispy Kreme
Credit: Business Wire

More for those with a sweet tooth, this has a few benefits. The main one, of course, is the free doughnut when you sign up. The next is what is advertised on their website as a “birthday surprise”! We’ve spoken about his in another piece, but few things beat a free doughnut on your birthday.


Credit: Tech Crunch

More of a food sharing app, Olio offers you and your neighbours the oppurtunity to eliminate food waste. People in your local area can advertise foods, which are then given away for free. We understand that this may not sound particularly lockdown friendly, but the company has reassured users that they have taken precautions during this time.

(Bonus: If you’re in the giving mood, try offering up some fun treats yourself for the local community.)

Pret A Manger

Pret Manager
Credit: The Independent

Cliché? We prefer classic. The Pret subscription hit the ground running in 2020, with students racing to get their free trial. You can have any hot beverage for free, 5 times a day, provided they are 30 minutes apart. Perfect for students that won’t let the wine of last night kill the essays of tomorrow.  If you act quickly, you may even be able to score a couple of free smoothies before they are taken off the subscription in March.

Too Good to Go:

too good to go
Credit: Food Navigator

Technically not free (sorry!) but definitely cheap. After a hassle-free sign-up process – as in less than a minute – the app will find restaurants and shops around you that are looking to get rid of extra stock. This app is the perfect way to enjoy high-quality food at the lowest costs possible while advocating for the anti-waste movement.

We hope that you – and your bank account – find this article helpful in your search for free food. Be sure to let us and other readers know about other opportunities across the country and enjoy the unique joy that is free food.