After this article published by the BBC came out on students being ‘priced out’ of graduation, a lot of discussion has occurred on the expenses involved in graduating. Luckily, we’re here to help with some great ways to save money on your graduation ceremony.

The three big expenses on your graduation day are cap and gown hire, photographs and travel expenses. So let’s go through them in detail and see what we can do to save money on your graduation ceremony!

How to save money on your graduation cap and gown

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Unfortunately, this one is kind of unavoidable. It’ll most likely be around £40 although it ranges on the University and the gown hire company they use. At least you’ll get the full graduate experience (even if you had to cough up 40 pounds to do it…)

Graduation tickets

Another one that depends on the University. Some you’ll get two free tickets for guests, others charge you to attend your own graduation! After 3 years of paying them, they make you pay to graduate! Talk about exploitation… If you’ve got more family members than free tickets, pick your favourite and recreate the ceremony for the unlucky others.

Hair, nails, makeup

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Obviously, you want to look fabulous for your graduation. After all, you worked hard for 3 years to get here! While some go the professional route, it’ll be a lot cheaper to do it yourself. Maybe watch a few YouTube tutorials to help you along.

Nails is a little harder in this case. If you’re an avid hater of acrylics, good news! Just buy a nail polish bottle in your favourite colour and you’ll be good to go. Those that love their acrylics, you’re probably use to the expense but, if theres any day to have the perfect nails, it’s your graduation day.

How to save money on your graduation photographs

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Now that you’ve got the perfect makeup, hair and nails, you want to document it. Official photos are another expense you’ll want to avoid if possible. With prices ranging from £25 to £90, a guaranteed good picture doesn’t seem worth it at those prices! Maybe you have a friend with a nice camera or someone you know is in a photography society? Teach your mum your best angles?

Travel expenses

So, you’ve already moved out of your uni flat and don’t want to pay for a hotel while you’re back for graduation. Thank goodness you have a friend still living there with an empty couch. It won’t be as fancy as a hotel but, if you’re graduating together, you can get ready together and make it a truly memorable day!

Besides accommodation, you’ll probably also have to think about parking on the day. Walking is better for the body anyway! Just make sure you don’t arrive sweaty in your nice clothes…

Graduation live stream

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If you’re not that bothered about graduating, then why not save your money and watch the live stream of the ceremony. Your chance of accidentally tripping will be at 0% and you stay in your pyjamas. Of course, you’ll have to wait for your certificate in the mail but hey, you’ve already waited 3 years, what’s a few more days?

Graduating is unnecessarily expensive but we hope with these tips you’ll save money on your graduation ceremony! After all, you’ll be out into the real world after this.

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