Ever wondered where Otis and Maeve would end up after filling out their UCAS applications? Well, we have. So, we thought long and hard about it, and here is where the characters of Sex Education would go to university in the UK.

Otis Milburn

King’s College London

sex education characters Otis Milburn
Source: Sex Education Wikipedia

Otis is clearly a smart kid, and he’s got a real innate ability to listen and empathise with people, so we think he’d take after his parents and study Psychology at university. He’d definitely be the kind of student to Google where the best universities for Psychology are, and with Jean and Remi’s reputation, he’d be easily accepted in somewhere like King’s College.

London would suit Otis, he could cycle everywhere, and simultaneously be around everyone but also on his own. He’d love all the indie record shops and vintage clothes stores, and it’d be a nice change from his countryside childhood home. Plus, he’d easily be able to jump on a train home to see his mum and sister or to go and see Eric. As, whilst they obviously discussed going to the same university, Eric decided he wanted to go and spread his wings. But he visits Otis regularly, because the gay scene in London is to die for, darling.

Eric Effiong 

University of Sussex 

sex education characters Eric Effiong 
Source: Sex Education Wiki

Eric is relatively smart, from what we can tell. He’s in the same classes as Otis, and he clearly has a taste for poetry. We reckon he’d want to study something artsy, maybe drama or art? But either way, he’d choose the University of Sussex because of Brighton’s amazing gay scene and nightlife. There, he’d truly be able to be himself without worrying about people who are not ready to be out of their closets yet.

Besides, his rather out-there fashion sense would not even turn heads in a city like Brighton – his bright orange party outfit would fit right in!

Maeve Wiley 

University of York 

sex education characters Maeve Wiley 
Source: Sex Education

Maeve would study English, and she’d be able to use her trip to America and time with the quiz team on top of her grades to get into pretty much any university she wanted. But she wouldn’t want to go somewhere too poncey or prestigious like Oxbridge, so somewhere pretty, inspiring, and with a great English programme would suit her well.

Besides, York has a lot of independent shops, tiny hidden gardens, lanes and alleys, and plenty of spaces that Maeve could go and enjoy her poetry away from people. She’d also be much less likely to stand out in a city like York, as there lots of students just like her.

Ruby Matthews 

University of the Arts London

sex education characters Ruby Matthews 
Source: Sex Education Wiki

More specifically, the London College of Fashion. Ruby served us look after look after look and there is no way she wasn’t going to dip her toe into the fashion world after sixth form. However, whilst she’d be interested in developing her future, she’d also want to make sure she could easily get back to see her Dad, so being in London near all the transport links would work for her.

London life would suit Ruby well, the chic world of London’s fashion students would definitely be her kind of crowd, whilst she’d also be able to maybe let herself go a little in amongst the craziness of the capital.

Jackson Marchetti 

Loughborough University

sex education characters Jackson Marchetti 
Source: Sex Education Wiki

Whilst he’s not a swimmer anymore, Jackson would definitely still want to be able to show his interest in sports. In fact, we reckon he would likely end up as a sports coach or something similar so that he can help kids like himself who struggle with performance anxiety.

On top of the academic side of it, Loughborough also has a great nightlife and is pretty close to Nottingham where Jackson could really explore and find himself, as it seems he’s still uncertain as to who he really is.

Ola Nyman 

University of Bristol

sex education characters Ola Nyman 
Source: Sex Education Wiki

Ola would want to go somewhere queer-friendly, and we reckon somewhere kind of quirky, too. Bristol is exactly that. It would give her the chance to truly explore her weird side, whilst also studying somewhere good! We reckon she’d do a sociology course, maybe with a dissertation on sexism in popular culture and fairytales?

Lily Igleheart 

Royal Holloway, University of London 

sex education characters
Source: Sex Education Wiki

Lily would definitely be a London student. The kind that finds themselves in Chinatown, Soho and Camden quite a lot. She’d love things like Comic-Con and HyperJapan. She’d be able to study Drama and Creative Writing at Royal Holloway, and nobody would judge her for her alien interests.

Vivienne Odusanya 

University of Cambridge 

sex education characters Vivienne Odusanya 
Source: Sex Education Wiki

Obviously, Viv is going to end up here. Or maybe Oxford. One of the two though, for sure.

Other characters 

Some of our other favourite characters of Sex Education would do things other than university, for example…

Aimee Gibbs 

sex education characters Aimee Gibbs
Source: Sex Education Wiki

Aimee would start a bakery, selling weird and wonderful cakes, cookies and brownies to the people of the village. Her parents would financially support her to start with, and she’d market herself on social media until the brand really took off.

Adam Groff 

sex education characters Adam Groff 
Source: Sex Education Wiki

Obviously, Adam would continue his dog training. He’s destined for Crufts.

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Last Updated on September 2, 2022