Cider is an alcoholic beverage that is widely popular throughout the world. Cider is made from the fermented juice of apples, but there are so many different brands and types available now there is a cider for everyone. But the question on everyone’s mind is whether cider is vegan friendly or not. Surprisingly most types of cider are actually not vegan friendly.

To make things easier for you, here are all the vegan-friendly ciders that you can enjoy…

Strongbow Cloudy Apple

Is Cider Vegan Friendly? Stronbow Cloudy Apple
Source: Inverarity Morton

Strongbow’s cloudy apple cider is described as having a sweet apple flavour carefully balanced with Strongbow’s refreshing crisp dryness and tanginess.

Strongbow Dark Fruit

Is Cider Vegan Friendly? Strongbow Dark Fruits
Source: Strongbow

If you enjoy fruity cider, Strongbow’s dark fruit cider may be the ultimate refreshment for you.

Bulmers Pear

Is Cider Vegan Friendly? Bulmer's Pear
Source: YouTube

Bulmers is known for their high-quality cider, and their pear cider is also vegan-friendly meaning anyone can enjoy the fruity taste.

Thatchers ciders

Is Cider Vegan Friendly? Thatcher's Cider
Source: Thatcher’s Cider

Thatchers has been creating ciders for over 100 years, and all of their ciders are suitable for vegans. Meaning you can enjoy a bottle of their Thatchers Rose, Thatchers Haze, or Thatchers Vintage.

Stowford Press ciders

Is Cider Vegan Friendly? Stowford Press
Source: The Flapper Drinks Selection

For the last 140 years, Stowford Press have been making their award-winning ciders, all of which are vegan friendly. Including their Red Berries cider, Apple cider, and cloudy cider.

Aspall ciders

Is Cider Vegan Friendly? Aspall Cider
Source: Morning Advertiser

For almost 300 years Aspall has been making a range of ciders, including organic, imperial, and draught ciders.

Broadoak ciders

Is Cider Vegan Friendly? Broad Oak Cider
Source: Broad Oak Cider Company Ltd.

Broadoak are responsible for making many different types of craft fruit cider, all of which are vegan friendly.

Hogan’s ciders

Is Cider Vegan? Hogans Ciders
Source: Packaging of The World

Hogans cider is made from 100% English cider apples, and all of their ciders are also vegan. Meaning anyone can enjoy a cider, whether it is a Hogan’s dry, medium, or classic perry cider.