Best known as one of the original members of Made in Chelsea, Millie (full name Camilla) Mackintosh is estimated to be worth a cool £3.2 million ($4 million). She is the daughter of Nigel and Georgina Mackintosh, and has one sister. The make-up artist/reality star was one of the show’s most wealthy cast members and it is a wealth that goes back for generations. Let’s review how the it-girl of Chelsea made her millions:

How Millie Mackintosh made her money

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If you don’t know that Mackintosh’s great-grandfather invented Quality Street chocolates, then you’re criminally uninformed about the UK socialite scene. Despite the company being sold to Nestlé several years ago, the heritage still remains, providing a solid foundation for the Mackintosh’s wealth.

The family fortune allowed Mackintosh to have private schooling at the Hanford Prep in Dorset, and later Millfield in Somerset. It is reported that she was raised in a £1.4 million townhouse in Bath, where her and her sister Alice developed a fondness for horse riding

The “heiress” has worked in the modelling industry, launched a line of false lashes, and worked as a make-up artist. She later released a book titled ‘MADE: A book of style, food, and fitness.’ How very on brand. She now has over 1.3 million followers on Instagram and uses her platform to partner with businesses such as Pitusa (beachwear), Wayfair (furnishings), and even Boots (to promote her own beauty line).

Her fame

Mackintosh was part of the core cast of Made in Chelsea, which first aired in 2011. The show saw her starring alongside the likes of Spencer Matthews and Hugo Taylor (hint: the latter will come up later in the article.) She was on the show for 2 years, during which fans admired her sense of style.

It was perhaps natural, then, for Millie to venture into the fashion and beauty industry. In fact, she was working part-time for MAC cosmetics before her reality show career. After announcing her departure from the show in 2012, the trendsetter started a jewellery collection and a fashion line. Unfortunately, she shut it down in 2018. Fans speculated that the reason for the closure was the price, with maxi dresses selling for around £300. Millie has since mentioned in interviews that she does not wish to return to reality TV and instead is looking to further her career as a businesswoman.

And what about her love life?

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Viewers of Made in Chelsea’s earlier seasons may remember Millie Mackintosh’s relationship with Hugo Taylor. They broke things off early into the series due to a cheating scandal on Taylor’s part. The reality star married rapper Professor Green in 2013, with the pair choosing to part ways in 2016.

Since then, her and Hugo Taylor have reconnected, and the couple got married in June of 2018. On the 1st of May 2020, they welcomed their first child, who we have no doubt has hit the true genetic lottery.

Oh, the travel

We mentioned her Instagram following before, and one quick look will show why people are so drawn to her feed. Mackintosh is known for her travel snaps, ranging from locations like Dubai to Mykonos (where now husband Hugo Taylor proposed). Prior to her pregnancy – and of course, a global pandemic- the star took 18 holidays abroad in the span of one year.