We all know that student life isn’t cheap and anything that can help stretch that student loan is a massive plus! Get in the know with everything you should know about your student discount – after all, we only have it for a certain amount of years. We have come up with 7 tips to help you maximise your student discount. Check it out!

1. Your student card is more useful then you think

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This card is completely free and you will get one when you enrol with your Uni during freshers week. A vast amount of national and local companies will offer you great discounts ranging from 10% off to 50% OFF!

With local companies, get brave and ask if they offer student discount, most will say yes, after all, if they give it to you, you’ll send your friends in and before long they would have increased their business dramatically, especially in a student area.

Check out our fresher’s deals section to see some of our top picks of where you can use your student discount card.

2. Decide whether you want a NUS card

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As I’m sure you’ve heard there is also an additional NUS card that you can upgrade to which gives you a lot of extra discounts – NUS Card

The card costs £12 a year but will give you access to lots of exclusive discounts including big brands such as six months of free Amazon Prime (50% off thereafter), 40% off Pizza Express and 10% off Co-op.

Check out the NUS card first to see what it offers and decide whether you’ll be using it enough to save you £12 and more a year. If the answer is yes then it’s well worth it!

NUS also offer a discount if you decide to buy a two-year card (£22) or a three-year card (£32)

3. Use your discount!

SO many students we speak to say they forget to use their student discount. Although it may seem like a few quid saved here or there, it soon adds up! And those savings can go towards some extra shots!

4. If a student discount isn’t advertised – ASK!

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If you don’t ask you won’t get. Just because they don’t shout about it, doesn’t mean they don’t offer it! Always enquire!

5. Use your discount online

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Frustratingly your student discount card rarely works online but you can use it to sign up to credited platforms.

You can sign up to a UNIDAYS account that will verify your a student through your student email address.

6. Discounts count abroad

If you have the luck of a year abroad or a cheeky holiday away – try your luck with your student discount.

Most Cities will accept the regular student ID card but having an international student card will have you totally covered. You can pay £14.99 for an international student identification card.