Whether you’re watching them alone, with friends or you’re watching them with that special someone – Valentine’s Day films are great. They’re the perfect way to spend your February 14th. So here are the best Valentine’s Day films to watch online in 2022.


Where to watch: Netflix

Cheesy teenage romance – how can you go wrong? This rom-com from 2015 shows what it’s like to feel overlooked again and again, and gives all of us hope if we’re hopeless in love. You’ve got the bitchy high school bullies, the nerds, the jocks, and a feel-good vibe all the way through.

Mamma Mia

Where to watch: Netflix

We all know the songs, and we all recognise our lord and saviour Meryl Streep. What could be better than spending your Valentine’s Day singing along to ABBA songs in your living room with friends or your significant other? The answer is: nothing.


Where to watch: Netflix

This film is a romance classic! It’s such a feel-good, funny romance film. Plus, who doesn’t love a bit of Will Smith? If you’re looking for a vulnerable, funny, gentle romantic comedy to watch this Valentine’s day, Hitch is definitely a film to watch this February!

The Notebook

Where to watch: Netflix

It is an obvious one. Everyone thinks ‘romance films’ and instantly thinks of The Notebook, so of course, it had to make it onto our list of films to watch this Valentine’s day online! Bring the tissues, because you will end up in your feels.


Where to watch: Netflix

Paul Rudd literally is the sexiest man alive, and he was back then, too. So watching him as a goofy, sarcastic college student sounds like the ideal Valentine’s day evening to us. Pair that with the iconic Clueless outfit donned later by such icons as Iggy Azalea, and it really is one of the best romantic films to watch online.


Where to watch: Netflix

This isn’t a hugely well-known romantic film, but it is definitely one of the most wholesome ones. If you love family-friendly, silly, comedic romance, then definitely check this Adam Sandler film out. It follows 2 families as they go on holiday, and the single parents go from enemies to… well, not enemies. There’s even a cheeky cameo from Terry Crews!

Fifty Shades of Grey

Where to watch: Netflix

There is not much we need to say about this one, is there? Whether you watch it  as inspiration or because you’re feeling the FOMO, it’s definitely got to make it on your list of movies to watch this Valentine’s day. We know you want to watch Jamie Dornan as Mr Grey, don’t even pretend you don’t.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Where to watch: Netflix

The books that this film series are based on did amazingly, and the films have done even better. We all absolutely love the stories of LJ and her little love letters, and whether you watch just one of the films or the whole series, you’ll enjoy the wholesome teenage romance threaded throughout!

Eat Pray Love

Where to watch: Now TV

It’s iconic. And if you haven’t seen it, you absolutely have to watch Eat Pray Love this Valentine’s day! It’s just… everything you could possibly look for in a feel-good film. It’s especially perfect if you’ve recently gone through a tough break-up, or if you’re spending this Valentine’s day with a takeaway and a bottle of wine instead of a partner.

The Bodyguard

Where to watch: Now TV

Who doesn’t want to watch Whitney Houston in a romantic movie? It’s a 90s classic, and it is one of the most well-loved romance films of all time. There is nothing more we need to say about this one, really. But if you need more persuading: Whitney Houston, man in uniform, great soundtrack.

Valentine’s Day 

Where to watch: Now TV

This holiday classic is a film about a group of couples struggling through their love lives and working to have a successful relationship in time for the big day. It’s star-studded, cheesy, and very sweet. Wath as Anne Hathaway, Bradley Cooper, Jessica Alba, Jamie Foxx, and Julia Roberts show what it truly means to celebrate Valentine’s.

Dirty Dancing

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

Another absolute classic. This movie is made for Valentine’s day. It’s sexy, sultry, romantic, harsh and still stands as a brilliant movie, even this many years on. Watch and fall in love as Baby fights herself out of a corner and into a sexy Patrick Swayze’s arms.

10 Things I Hate About You 

Where to watch: Disney+

Heath Ledger should be enough to make you want to watch this movie on Valentine’s day. But, if it isn’t, how about if we tell you it’s a film about an anti-social high school loner falling for a guy who was secretly just paid to be interested in her? Now that we’ve got your attention, go and add it to your list for this Valentine’s day!