The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On landed on Netflix with a bang, instantly giving Love Is Blind a run for its money. And it’s easy to see why!

Six couples who were already in love, but not yet hitched, joined the show. Should be drama free, right? Now comes the ultimatum: marry, or move on. In each pair, one partner who wants to get married gives an ultimatum to the other, who isn’t ready yet. Then the hosts give the participants the opportunity to explore the idea of someone else: they ask the couples to split up and speed-date someone else from the mix. Once they’ve regrouped into brand new pairs, the duos live together in a “practice marriage” for three weeks.

Next, everyone returns to their original partners, and they live together for three weeks. The participants then have to decide if they want to get married, split up, or continue dating someone else from the show at the end of it all.

After a shocking season 1 (and with season 2 already on the horizon), who’s still together—and who will probably never speak again? Here’s everything to know about where The Ultimatum couples are now:

Warning: Spoilers ahead! Stop reading here if you don’t want to know what happens on The Ultimatum Season 1.

April and Jake – Split

The Ultimatum Netflix
Source: RadioTimes

April, 23, issued the ultimatum to her partner Jake, 26, who she’d been dating for two years.

These two had lots of hiccups in their communication. Furthermore, Jake really seemed to hit it off with his new partner Rae, while April bonded with Colby. When they got back together, they were still at odds. So, it comes as no surprise that April and Jake eventually went their separate ways after the show ended. April is now happily in love with her new partner, Cody. But it’s unclear if Jake is currently dating anyone else.

Shanique and Randall- Still together

The Ultimatum Netflix
Source: RadioTimes

Randall and Shanique were together for one and half years when they joined the Netflix show and seemed pretty in love. Shanique gave Randall the ultimatum to get married, but Randall was more cautious.

Randall and Shanique couldn’t make up their minds at the beginning of the season. Each hit it off with another contestant: Randall with Madlyn and Shanique with Zay. Some time apart seemed to strengthen their relationship. They came back together on reunion day and declared their love for each other: at the finale, Randall got down on one knee and asked Shanique to marry him, and she said yes. They clearly still have their blips (they revealed at the reunion they split for a short while) but they’re determined to pull through.

Alexis and Hunter – Engaged

The Ultimatum Netflix
Source: RadioTimes

At the beginning of season 1, Alexis gave Hunter a serious ultimatum. She wanted to walk away with a ring on her finger—but he wasn’t sure if he was ready to take that step. At a dinner with the hosts of the show, Hunter decided he couldn’t wait any longer. He proposed to Alexis on the spot, and she accepted in a truly aww-worthy moment.

As of right now, Alexis and Hunter are living together in engaged bliss in Los Angeles, California. And, they’re on track to tie the knot soon, sometime around June 2022.

Rae and Zay – Split

Source: RadioTimes

Rae, 24, issued an ultimatum to her boyfriend of two and a half years, Zay, 25. During the experiment, Rae entered a trial marriage with Jake, and Zay dated Shanique. Flash forward, and Rae and Zay had a rough transition to reconnecting. The two weren’t as close, and it seemed like their relationship was on the rocks.

Rae revealed in the reunion that she tried to fix things with Zay first. But the two ended up parting ways. During the reunion, Rae came out as bisexual and said she had been in relationship with a woman. Since then, however, they split and Rae said on Instagram she was now single. Zay appears to be single as well.

Lauren and Nate – Engaged

The Ultimatum Netflix
Source: RadioTimes

Lauren and Nathan were one of the longer-term couples and had been happily in a relationship for two and a half years prior to entering the experiment.

So, what’s their ‘ship status today? After leaving the show together, Nathan found a ring and proposed a second time in Austin and the pair are planning for an October wedding in Colorado. And, they say couples therapy has helped them work through their different views on starting a family: the two have decided to compromise by having 1 child.

Madlyn and Colby – Married

Source: RadioTimes

Madlyn and Colby was arguably one of the most talked-about couples, given Colby’s admission that his love for Madlyn didn’t deter him from getting intimate with other girls. At the beginning of season 1, Colby was head over heels for his girlfriend, while Madlyn thought she might be ready to marry someone else.

But, it seems all worked out in the end. The duo have officially been married for around a year since filming ended and are even expecting a baby girl together. Cute!

The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On is available to stream on Netflix. For Netflix recommendations, check out our post on the best shows on Netflix, ranked.