Manrika Khaira, a 24-year old from Birmingham has had to address her followers on Instagram after receiving death threats over a reality TV show. Channel 4’s hit show, The Circle, got juicy on Friday 26th March. Usually, players rate each other and the top 2 then choose someone to go home, but the show flipped this and instead, the players voted, and the 2 players in the bottom two were suddenly at risk.

The two bottom players were Tally and Dot. The other players were all shocked and the group spent the whole day chatting about the results, planning who they’d vote to stay. Then, in another surprise twist, only 1 person was allowed to make the decision. The players all had to vote who.

After 3 attempts at voting and 2 ties, the decision was given to Circle contestant Andy – serial influencer. After debating for a while, he was told to make the decision, and fans were shocked and appalled when Tally was sent packing.

Why has Manrika been getting hate?–_/

Manrika and Tally bonded fairly quickly on the show, dubbing themselves the #GeezerGals. They were pretty much best friends, talking and sharing ideas and plots, and everyone was loving it. Then, things began to change when newcomer Felix (aka Natalya) won Manrika’s heart and the two became Circle Cuties. All was fine until Tally released Felix had also flirted with Gemma on the show (aka James), and then when she assumed a horrible catfish drawing of her in a challenge was drawn by him.

Tally messaged Manrika to have a girly heart to heart, and to tell her that she needs to be careful with Felix. However, Manrika was too focused on Tally and Gemma’s new friendship (following a challenge where Gemma had been forced to block someone from the show, and Manrika didn’t believe it was forced) and didn’t seem to get the idea.

After that conversation, Manrika strategically rated her #GeezerGal 6th (out of 6), thinking others would rate her high, in the aim to prevent her from getting influencer. Well, mission success – Tally ended up in the bottom two. Manrika seemed upset, and repeatedly said she felt responsible – but fans noticed she didn’t message Tally, unlike Sayed (aka Hashu).

What has been happening since?

Manrika was awfully quiet on social media over the weekend, which is abnormal considering she is a content creator. She then revealed on Sunday through an Instagram story that she had been receiving an onslaught of hate. People were messaging her so much she was getting 3 a minute. In the story, she said:

“I was getting three hate messages every minute. These messages aren’t just telling me ‘I’m a t**t’, they’re telling me to kill myself, to hang myself. People are saying they’re going to kill my family, kill me, they know where I live. My mental health has taken a proper beating this weekend.”

She went on to say that she was not making the video for sympathy, and that she’s thick-skinned, but that people needed to be mindful. Manrika went as far as to say that situations like hers are how people like Caroline Flack end up feeling as alone as she did.

Even Tally, who left the show Friday, posted an Instagram story, emphasising that people needed to be kind. She said that it is a game show, and it is nobody’s fault but her own for not playing the game as well as she could have.