As a student, there are many things on one’s mind. The next season of Love Island, the housemate who doesn’t do the dishes, but most of all, the future. While I know nothing about the next season of Love Island (we shall find out soon though), I can perhaps help with the future a bit. No, I am not psychic, but I’m sure you want a job that pays well after University. Therefore, these are the top 5 highest paying jobs in the UK, based on average salary.

1. Pilot

Salary: £92,330

Source: Aviation Club

Becoming a pilot is not easy, but it is definitely worthwhile. Once an Airline Transport Pilot’s Licence (ATPL) is acquired, many commercial airlines, such as RyanAir, will be happy to employ you, after which you can work your way up to the big bucks! Pilots are required to take exams every 6 months, and obviously it is a stressful job; However, it is very rewarding, travelling while getting paid…It’s basically the dream!

2. Chief Executives/Senior Officials

Salary: £85,239

chief executives


The people who are close to or at the top of an Organisation come second in the list. As they say., with great power comes great responsibility, and this could not be truer because being the Chief Executive means you look over EVERYTHING. While a degree is not exactly a necessity, unless you start your own business (with the likes of Richard Branson) it is almost impossible to climb an Organisation’s ranks without a Bachelor’s.

3. Marketing and Sales Directors

Salary: £80,759

sales director
Source: Careersmart

Marketing is one of the most important aspects of any organisation. This is why the Marketing and Sales Department has a comparatively high average salary. A marketing or business degree is sought after in this field. However, it is worth exploring through work experience if it interests you and a similar degree is being done. The work experience will also count for something!

4. The Legal Profession

Salary: £77,212

Source: University of Leeds

While Law Graduates have a relatively low starting salary, the growth is exponential in the field. Different areas pay differently in Law, with corporate and commercial law paying the best. However, it is a good amount in other areas as well. A Law Degree isn’t the only way to get into this, as doing a one-year Graduate Diploma in Law after a Bachelor’s degree will give you the qualification to practice law.

5. Information Technology and Telecommunications Directors

Salary: £69,814

Source: Careersmart

In an increasingly technology heavy world, it comes as no surprise that an IT role places so high on the list. While Private Sector will pay more, there are well-paying roles in the Public Sector as well due to the reliance on technology for day-to-day tasks. A relevant degree and a significant amount of work experience is key to working your way up to Director. However, there are no set requirements for the actual post.

While these jobs won’t come straight after graduation, and a lot of experience and staying power is needed to reach these tax brackets, they are definitely worth working towards. With a bit of hard work, who’s to say we can’t get an ATPL?