Many of us have spent some procrastination time on Urban Dictionary searching our names, schools and slang words we may not understand.

But what does the site say about your university?

To save you having to trawl through the internet to find out, we’ve put all the definitions of UK uni’s here.

University of Aberdeen


Someone put a lot of energy into this one.

Aberystwyth University



Bath Spa University

UD Bath Spa

What’s wrong with a degree in circus performance?!

University of Birmingham

UD Birm

Not entirely sure why there is a capital ‘l’ at the end of each ‘lol’.

University of Brighton

UD Brighton

Brighton will forever be Sussex’s lesser little brother.

Brunel University London

UD Brunel

I think this person got Urban and Oxford dictionaries mixed up.

University of Cambridge

UD cambridge

High grades or a high body count? Decisions, decisions.

De Montfort University


Once a poly, always a poly.

Durham University

UD Durham

Yas darling.

Lancaster University

UD Lancaster

Think someone may have been on magic mushrooms when writing this one.

University of Leeds

UD Leeds

Well I’m sold.

Leeds Beckett University

UD Leeds Beckett

Pretty identical the Leeds to be honest.

Liverpool Hope University

UD Liv Hope

If that’s not enough to depress you, I don’t know what is.

London School of Economics and Political Science


Another geek moaning about the lack of ‘fit birds’.

London Metropolitan University

UD London Met

iPods? Ha!

Loughborough University


Ouch. Love the old school Eastenders reference though.

Northumbria University

UD Northumbria

Biased much?

University of Nottingham


Who doesn’t love the word cesspool?

Nottingham Trent University

UD Trent

Sounds like the words from a boring Notts student. I would much rather be a poly than a toff.

University of Oxford

UD Oxford

Didn’t Theresa May go to Oxford… Oh.

Oxford Brookes University

UD Oxford Brookes

Grades or a job afterwards?

University of East Anglia



University of Edinburgh


Pretty to the point.

Edge Hill University

UD Edge Hill

Don’t know what to take from this.

University of Essex

UD Essex

I think this one was written in a time before fees #sadtimes.

University of Exeter

UD Exeter

The tracksuit bottom and flip flop combo infuriates me a lot.


UD Goldsmiths

Who knew an apostrophe could cause so much aggravation?

University of Glasgow


Imperial College London

UD Imperial

Well this guy clearly regretted going to Imperial. #TooManyMan

King’s College London

UD Kings

The rivalry between KCL and UCL still runs deep.