Although Valentines Day is going to be a little unusual this year, there is no reason it can’t still be a day full of romance and fun. With many people usually choosing to go out on Valentines for a nice meal, the current lockdown means many will need to forget their traditions and try something new. So here are just a few ideas on how to celebrate Valentines Day in 2021.

1. Movie Night

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Having a movie night at home is a great idea for Valentines, especially since many people usually go to the cinema on Valentines anyway, but now you get to choose which films to watch, and can line up all your rom-com favourites. Plus you can buy your usual popcorn and sweets to munch on during the film, or you can make the most of being at home and order a takeaway. You could even choose a theme for your movie night, such as if you are missing the warmer weather you could watch films set in tropical locations (Such as ‘Just Go With It’ or ‘The Blue Lagoon’) and have fruity snacks and cocktails.

2. Camping

how to celebrate valentines day
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Even though we are in lockdown it doesn’t mean you can’t go camping, why not pitch up a tent in your garden? You’ve got all the fun of going camping but you are in the safety of your garden and a have a toilet just inside. You could spend your Valentines sitting under the stars, toasting marshmallows and making s’mores. Or you could step it up a notch and glamp, just by adding a few fairy lights you could completely transform your tent.

3. Cook-Off

how to celebrate valentines
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If you both believe yourselves to be the ‘Chef’ in the relationship now is the time to settle the debate by having the ultimate Valentines cook-off. Both of you can choose a starter, main, and dessert to cook/bake, and then afterwards you enjoy the fruits of your labour with a feast. To keep track of who cooked the best you could even create a scoring system to keep track of how well each dish scored. The winner could win the right to pick a movie or next trip location, whereas the loser can be responsible for cleaning up all the mess and do the washing up.

4. Recreate a date

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Another idea is to recreate a date you have had, whether it was your first date, a significant anniversary, or just your favourite date night. One of you can be responsible for cooking the same sort of food you had, and the other could be in charge of decorating and setting the scene. Even better if you both can remember what clothes you wore, and bonus points for recreating a photograph you might have took. This idea is a great way to reminisce and has more of a challenging element.

5. Bike ride or Hike

how to celebrate valentines
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If you want to do something a little more active then why not take your bikes out and go for a bike ride? Or if you don’t have bikes you could just go for a hike or walk in your local area. You will get plenty of fresh air, and could even take some Valentines treats with you for the journey, such as heart-shaped cookies or chocolates. Or to do something a bit more unusual why not plan your route in advance and see if it’s possible to walk/cycle in such a way it forms a giant heart, and you could track your progress by having a look on Strava.

6. Couples yoga

how to celebrate valentines
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Or if you want to try something active but don’t fancy facing the cold weather you could give couples yoga a try. This is a great way to work on your teamwork and trust skills, all whilst having a great work out, and possibly picking up a new hobby. There are plenty of tutorials online and apps to show you what to do, as well as online classes you could join.

7. Indoor Picnic

how to celebrate valentines
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Although this is not ideal picnic weather, and picnics are not a reason to leave your house during the current lockdown, you could create an indoor picnic. Adding a few candles, fairy lights, and a picnic blanket could transform whatever room your in, and eating on the floor is a bit more interesting than just sitting at a table.