Netflix has just dropped a brilliant documentary on the College Admissions Scandal which happened over in America in 2019. The scandal saw rich parents paying thousands, even as far as a million dollars to get their child (or children) into prestigious US colleges.

When the scheme was unearthed, and those involved were sent to court, plenty of the parents got large fines, community service, and even jailtime. The leader of the scheme is facing the potential of 65 years locked away. But what the documentary failed to shed light on, was what happened to the kids involved?

Some of the children were aware, or vaguely aware of what was going on behind the scenes. But for those who weren’t, to find out their parents had gone behind their back caused heartbreak. One student, Matteo Sloane – who is still enrolled in USC – asked his father: “Why didn’t you believe in me? Why didn’t you trust me?”.

Sophia Macy – daughter of Felicity Huffman

kids from the College admissions scandal
Source: NBC News

According to the New York Times, Sophia was flying to Juilliard for a final round of auditions when she received an email withdrawing her invite. In April, Sophia got accepted to Carnegie Mellon University to study theatre.

Her younger sister, Georgia, is also going to university. She will be attending Vassar College. Neither of the girls knew about the scheme, and when Sophia found out she reportedly asked Lori why they didn’t believe in her.

Olivia and Isabella – daughters of Lori Loughlin

kids from the College admissions scandal
Source: Insider

Olivia was on holiday in the Bahamas when the news dropped, and she dropped out of university in March 2019. As a successful YouTuber and influencer, she lost thousands of followers and was continuously hassled online.

Michelle Janavs’ daughters

kids from the College admissions scandal
Source: Daily Mail

Janavs’ daughters were both banned from campus and events such as graduation or prom, and their entire school -faculty included – shunned them. Michelle’s oldest daughter’s college offer from USC was withdrawn and she was banned from ever applying again.

Both daughters are still in education – the eldest is at community college, the youngest a public high school.

Matteo Sloane – son of Devin Sloane

Despite being falsely admitted as a water polo recruit, Matteo spoke to his university and is still enrolled at USC studying Environmental Science.

Jack Buckingham – son of Jane Buckingham

kids from the College admissions scandal
Source: New York Post

His mother paid to cheat his entrance exam to Southern Methodist University. He spoke to the college himself and they agreed to enrol him based on earlier exam results which were not doctored.

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