University of Southampton

June Jolly

June Jolly

Close second: Naturist Chris Packham

Nurse June Jolly, disappointed with the care children received in hospital, pioneered a family-centred model of care. She dedicated her life to making children happy, and on special occasions arranged fireworks and visits from circus animals for the youngsters.

University of the West of England

Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls

Close second: Actor Miranda Hart

There’s not many people who can be called great because they’ve drunk their own urine, eaten a sheep’s eye and devoured a goat’s testicle. But, television presenter and survivalist, who studied Spanish and German at UWE, has made a highly successful career of it.

University of Warwick



Close second: Actor Ruth Jones

This English musician reportedly only spent one term at Warwick before leaving to be the lead singer in the band The Police — perhaps dropping out of uni isn’t such a bad idea after all.

University of Westminster

Alexander Fleming

Alexander Fleming

Close second: Vivienne Westwood

It’s difficult to know how many lives Alexander Fleming saved with his discovery of penicillin, however some have suggested it is around 200million. He won a Nobel Prize in 1945 for his incredible, world-changing discovery.

Manchester Metropolitan University

Dame Julie Walters

Julie Walters

Close second: Fashion designer Sarah Burton

Screen and stage legend Dame Julie Walters is one of those Brits who everyone adores. Yes, she’s an incredible actor but it’s her versatility which makes her universally loved. One minute she is iconic Mrs Wilkinson in Billy Elliot the next she is kicking arse as Molly Weasley in the Harry potter films, then, all of a sudden, she is Mo Mowlam in Channel 4’s biopic Mo.

Newcastle University

John Snow

John Snow

Close second: Comedian Rowan Atikinson

No not that John Snow. No that Jon Snow either. The other John Snow. This Mr Snow is certainly the least famous of them all but he shouldn’t be. The physician (born in 1813) undoubtedly saved thousands of lives by discovering the source of a cholera outbreak in London. He then led fundamental changes to water and waste systems in the capital which were copied around the world. A true lifesaver.

Northumbria University

Sir Jonathan Ive

Jonathan Ive 2006

Close second: Olympic cyclist Victoria Pendleton

As a designer for Apple, Sir Jony changed the way we view electronic products. Before his iconic iMac, computers were ugly blocks sitting on our desks ruining the look of a room. Now, every product going tries to live up to Ive’s simplistic genius — very few manage it.

Nottingham Trent University

Dame Laura Night

330px-Dame Laura Knight circa 1910

Close second: Artist Jonathan Huxley

Dame Laura was a trailblazer in the art world. Her war time pieces propelled her into the public conscience and she became one of the most popular artists of the time. She went on to become the first woman to be handed full membership to the Royal Academy.

Oxford Brookes University

Gilbert Proesch


Close second: Explorer David de Rothschild

It’s rare to see Gilbert Proesch without his partner George Passmore, because together they have become one of the best-loved and influential collaborative art duos around. Gilbert & George have won fans across the globe for their photo-based pieces.