They said it would be all Baked Beans when we got to university. But that’s just not the case. In fact, we put it to our network of students and asked what your go-to uni meal was. Here are your answers. Does anything on here surprise you?

Curry Chips

We asked what your go-to uni meal was: These are your answers!

The student classic: in fact, no UK night out is complete without a tray of curry chips. They’re cheap, they’re stodgy and they mop up the alcohol (or push you over the edge.) Either way, it’s no surprise that Curry Chips were voted as your go-to uni meal.

Chickpea Dahl 

Some of you are cooking up a storm in your uni halls because Chickpea Dahl is next on our list. In fact, vegetarian dahl is a money-savvy meal to make as the ingredients are incredibly cheap and it’s super filling. Plus you can cook in bulk and freeze the leftovers (or have them for lunch the next day.) Check out some more of our favourite vegan recipes here.

Pesto Pasta

Another student classic, pesto pasta is a cheap, quick and versatile uni meal to make. Make it the classic way, have it as a pasta salad, add some chicken or pumpkin- the options are endless.

Turkey Dinosaurs in a wrap with ketchup and cheese

Turkey Dinosaurs: A school dinner classic and a nostalgic treat to eat when you’re away from home. Of course, in typical uni fashion, they have to go in a wrap. Plus, don’t forget the ketchup and cheese: it’s essential.

Your mum

We’ll just leave this one here.

Yorkshire Puds with gravy

Another nostalgic dish to remind you of home, Yorkshire puddings with gravy has also made it on our list. Make your own or buy them pre-made, these British classics are the perfect vehicle for mopping up that gravy and mopping up that hangover.

Chicken nuggets

Whether it’s for breakfast, lunch, dinner or just a midnight snack, chicken nuggets always hit the spot. You can get them from Macca’s on the way home from a night out, or keep them in the freezer as an emergency. Either way, it’s no surprise that chicken nuggets were voted one of your go-to uni meals.

£1 frozen sausages 

Looking for a low-carb meal? Focused on the gains? Well, what could be better than some delicious sausages, straight up? You can get multipacks of 20 frozen sausages for as little as £1 from stores like Iceland. Who else has this as one of their go-to uni meals?

Instant Noodles

It’s a student classic, a festival classic and an ‘I can’t be bothered to go to the supermarket classic.’ Next up on our list are Instant Noodles. There are plenty of brands on the market for you gourmets to try. However, we highly recommend the classic Chicken and Mushroom flavour Pot Noodle. It’s not that bad for you, right?

Pasta with any sauce 

By far the most popular vote was pasta with sauce. Considering it’s one of the most versatile meals out there; we’re not surprised. If you’re in a rush you can buy a pre-bought sauce, or if you’re feeling adventurous you can whip up a cheap sauce your own. In fact, gnocchi is really easy and inexpensive to make entirely from scratch. Why not give one of these recipes a go? Bolognese, penne with Boursin cheese sauce and mushroom pasta were some of your top pasta sauce choices.

There you have it- the best uni meals, as voted by you. Are there any more go-to uni meals that you couldn’t live without? Let us know in the comments section of this article.