Durham University is often placed in the top ten universities in the country. Not only is it a Russell group university but it’s also one of the most prestigious in the country. However, is Durham university actually good? Here is our list of positives and negatives for students considering going to Durham university.

An overview of Durham University

Durham University Campus
Source: Durham University

Durham University is located in Durham in the North of England. The university – as we know it today – was founded in 1832 by an Act of Parliament, as a Church university. Initially, it was established around 1286 to 1291 by the Benedicte monks of Durham, this was just 600 years after the establishment of the University of Oxford and Cambridge. As such, it’s the third oldest university in the UK.

Today, Durham University offers one of the broadest ranges of courses in the UK with over 200 undergraduate degrees and over 100 postgraduate degrees. They are a ‘target uni’ so businesses will come to the university to offer opportunities for graduates.

Durham University Ranking

Is Durham university worth it?
Source: Durham University

Durham University consistently ranks within the top 10 universities in the country. The Times ranked Durham University in 6th place, further solidifying it as one of the best UK universities. According to the complete university survey guide, it’s also ranked 4th for the most degrees completed!

In terms of subject ranking, it’s highly ranked in many subjects. For example, eight of Durham’s subjects have been ranked in the UK’s top five, including Biology, Classics and Ancient History, Criminology, Earth Sciences, English, History, Physics, Theology and Religion. So there is a huge range of high-quality subjects to pick from.

Is it part of the Russells Group?

russell group universities
Cambridge University- another Russell Group university.

Yes, it rejoined Russell’s group in 2012! You can find which other unis are part of the Russell Group in our ranking list. 

The Campus

Is Durham University Good?
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Durham University’s estate covers 257 hectares, and houses various heritage sites like Durham Castle and Cathedral UNESCO World Heritage Site. There’s also lots of greenery – 53 acres in fact, as well as plenty of buildings too. You’ll also find the Botanic Gardens, the Durham University International Study Centre other unique attractions and facilities.

Students can live at one of the 170 residential buildings, or in private housing in Durham. From the 890-year-old Durham Cathedral (one of the best-surviving cathedrals) to the picturesque rivers, there are plenty of beautiful sites in the city. There’s also a shuttle-like bus that runs between Queen’s Campus and Durham city, so wherever you choose to live you’ll be able to get around easily.

What do students think of Durham University?

Durham university students
Source: Durham University

According to Student Crowd, the university is ranked 20th in the UK. Some reviews of the students:

  • “Durham University is a great university. It offers an exceptional learning experience, with class learning facilities. It offers various extracurricular fitting to every student.”
  • “Very strong professional, easy to assess any online material, the staff is very helpful and friendly.”
  • “Durham is currently going through a housing crisis, so that is something to keep in mind when applying. Obviously, it is still a good university though.”

For more reviews, click here to see all the student crowd reviews and rankings.

Is it hard to get into Durham University?

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The average UCAS tariff points are 224-239 but this varies between courses. The acceptance rate, from the statistics of 2021, was 19%. 

So, whilst it’s not the easiest university to get into, it’s also higher than many universities, for example, Oxford’s acceptance rate is 9%.

So, is Durham University good?

durham university any good?
Source: Durham University

In short, yes Durham University is a very good university. It’s highly regarded by both students and academics alike. With a high emphasis on research and plenty of job opportunities after you finish your degree, there is no wonder why it’s ranked so high.

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