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The 10 most stressful universities in the UK revealed!

Every year, NatWest surveys a bunch of students to gauge the Student Living Index. One of the questions asked students from 28 cities to rate their stress levels from 1 – 10, and anything above 8 was considered as very stressed. So which cities are freaking out, and which ones are coasting by? These are the 10 most stressful universities in the UK for 2022: revealed.

10 – Bristol

Bristol is one of the most stressful universities in the UK

Bristol is the tenth most stressed city, with 45% of the students reporting high-stress levels. Maybe that’s what comes with being a student in one of the hardest party cities in the UK… Or maybe it’s all the sex they’re having… 

9 – Swansea

Next up on the list is Swansea. Students in Swansea are the 9th most stressed, with only 47% of their students ranking their stress levels as 8 or higher. Again, there seems to be a correlation between stress and sex, with Swansea is in the top 25 unis having the most sex… twice. 

8 – Leicester

Leicester, with two high-end unis, is 8th on the list for most stressful universities in the UK. In fact, 47% of the students in the city reported high-stress levels. We can only guess must be about the workloads and lack of clubs in Leicester because they’re definitely earning enough! 

7 – Leeds

Leeds is one of the most stressful universities in the UK

Students in Leeds have a lot to worry about, apparently. 47% of them have reported high levels of stress. All that partying must be hard work… Someone tell them they’re allowed to take a break.

6 – Cardiff

Over in Wales, students in Cardiff are not doing too great! 48% of the students in the city reported high levels of stress. Again, maybe it’s the partying. Or maybe that’s the stress relief?

5 – Brighton

Turns out being down by the coast doesn’t fix everything, with 48% of Brighton students reporting feeling stressed. It might be the cost of living down South… or the need to remain hipster at all times. 

4 – Coventry

50% of the students in Coventry reported stress, and we can’t blame them. It must be hard going to a university with the wrong name… 

3 – Cambridge

Cambridge is one of the most stressful universities in the UK

Unsurprisingly, Cambridge has made the top 3, with 50%. University of Cambridge students have high aspirations and higher expectations, and Anglia Ruskin students have the stress of being compared to them!

2 – Oxford

Once more, we are not surprised. Only shocked that one of the Oxbridge universities aren’t in the top spot. 51% of students in Oxford report stress – we reckon its only higher than Cambridge because of the cost of living in the South.

1 – Plymouth

Finally, the most stressed city is Plymouth. We’re really shocked, and a little confused as to why, but the stats don’t lie. Poor Plymouth.

Well, that’s a wrap for our most stressful universities in the UK. Do you agree with our list? 

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