The best Valentine’s Day gift ideas

2021 has mixed up how we will be able to celebrate Valentine’s Day. While some people are locked down with their loved one and are therefore spending every waking moment with each other, most couples will be spending this Valentine’s Day apart. Whichever boat you’re in, you’re probably experiencing the annual struggle of what to buy for that special someone this Valentine’s Day. Don’t panic though, because we’ve rounded up some of the best Valentine’s gift ideas available this year so that you can show your appreciation for the person you love.

1. Flowers

In my opinion, flowers are one of the most simple but effective gifts you could treat someone to. Whether you opt for a supermarket bouquet or a fancier floral arrangement, I can assure you that it’ll make your Valentine smile. If you perhaps want something more long-lasting than a bouquet, how about a potted plant like an orchid or this Happy Wildflower Grow Jar from Etsy.

Wildflower in jar
Credit: Etsy


2. A Personalised Face Cushion

This is an excellent present for those who haven’t been able to see their loved ones in months! If you feel like your significant other might be forgetting what you look like after all this time, then a cushion with your face on is perfect to help them fill the you-shaped void in their life. Create your doppelganger cushion on Prezzybox.

Your face on a cushion
Credit: Prezzybox

3. Scratch Map

For those with a desire to travel, a scratch map is the perfect gift to help you and your partner to get excited about seeing the world once we’re out of the pandemic. There are loads of scratch maps for sale on Amazon with next day delivery available for prime members, so no need to worry about your gift arriving in time.

Scratch Map of the world
Credit: Amazon

4. Roll of Film Keyring

This is one of the more sentimental presents on our list and is perfect for collating years of memories into one keyring. The keyrings are a roll of film with a tab that can be pulled to reveal a strip of pictures. The keyrings can be found on Etsy in varying styles at different prices, perfect for anyone wanting to take a trip down memory lane this Valentine’s day.

Key ring camera roll
Image source: Etsy

5. DIY Photo Box

Following on from the sentimentality of a film keyring, why not order an explosion photo box? You can fill it with your own photos and handwritten notes. This heartfelt gift is a definite way to your loved one’s heart and can be found on Amazon.

Photo box for memories
Credit: Amazon

6. Royal Essence Candle

You may have come across Royal Essence on TikTok, the brand that sells candles, bath bombs and body scrubs with rings hidden inside. The rings are random and from what I’ve seen, are stunning, making these candles the perfect sentimental jewellery gift, without having to stress if you’ve picked the right style. You can find Royal Essence products on Amazon, meaning that you can order in time for Valentine’s Day delivery!

Royal essence candle
Credit: Amazon

7. Hot Chocolate Bombs

Hot chocolate bombs were all the rage this Christmas, but the trend has carried on into 2021! You can find some super cute Valentine’s themed hot chocolate bombs on Etsy like these, for the hot chocolate lover in your life – perfect for a cosy night in this Valentine’s day.

The best valentines gift ideas
Image source: Etsy

8. 100 Movie Scratch Off Poster

If your Valentine is a film fanatic, this is the perfect gift for you to work through together. The poster comes with 100 movie titles for you to work through one at a time, scratching away the metallic film to reveal the movie’s icon. The poster could make for a cute project for you and your loved one to work through together. Plus it will give you something to do throughout the pandemic, as well as looking cool on the wall! They are available on Amazon with various genres available to order.

100 movies scratch poster
Credit: Amazon

9. Pyjamas

This one is a good crowd-pleaser, whether you buy matching pyjamas for you and your Valentine, or just buy them some. This year when we can’t leave the house on Valentine’s Day, pyjamas like these on Etsy are perfect for adding to the cosy vibe of your lockdown date night together.

Matching couple perjamas
Credit: Etsy

10. Spotify Playlist Keyring

This last one is for the music-loving couples out there! If you were thinking of gifting your Valentine a handcrafted playlist this year consisting of your songs, then why not take it to the next level with a keyring engraved with the Spotify code attached to the playlist. You can find these on Etsy at affordable prices and in different colours.

Spotify key ring
Credit: Etsy

Hopefully, we’ve managed to inspire you with our Valentines day gift ideas, and your stress to find the perfect gift for your Valentine is now over.

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