The Top 25 Richest Made In Chelsea Cast Members Revealed – Part 4

Continued from Part 3

6. Hugo Taylor – £3 million

Hugo is one of the wealthiest of the OG cast. He has made most of his money through his sunglasses brand Taylor Morris which he founded in 2013. His family background isn’t too bad either with his father earning over £250K a year as an QC.

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5. Sophie Hermann – £3.5 million

You may not recognise Sophie as she’s not one of the originals and doesn’t feature on MIC that often. She is a fashion designer, blogger and model. Although most of her wealth is probably inherited as her family are worth £14M. Her mother Luise invented Mustang Jeans.

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4. Ollie Proudlock – £5 million

Bloody hell, this certainly shocked us and if you didn’t want to be his fiancee Emma before, then i bet you certainly do now!! He was in the same year as Prince Harry at Eton and shares a ton of mutual friends with him.

Perhaps its these connections that helped him sky rocket his clothing brand Serge DeNimes to make his fortunes. He followed in his mothers footsteps who was also in fashion and his worth £780K herself!

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3. Mimi Bouchard – £6 million

Now this is extremely surprising.. is it just me or is Mimi really annoying… and now with this wealth she can be even more smug and annoying… okay maybe i’m a little jealous, got to give her the credit, she’s WORTH 6 MILLION!

It seems she’s made this wealth by literally creating a really successful blog which then became a magazine.. FML but well done to her..

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2. Ollie Locke – £7.8 million

Right we are nearly at the end now. Ollie made this fortune by making a gay dating app! He’s been on the show since day one and we’ve followed his journey of sexuality. He comes from a humble background so this one we are super happy for!

He also wrote a book called Laid in Chelsea which has gone on to do well.

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1. Francis Boulle – £10.1 million

So we are finally at number 1 with Francis! The wealthiest MIC cast member. He is bloody loaded and he does it by selling diamonds and gold! He has also recently founded a Cider so we’ll see how that goes, no doubt that will turn into a million pound business too.

He’s a web entrepreneur and owns six businesses! His family have a diamond business which he is the heir to … and that is wealth so much we just can’t figure out the amount but its mind blowing i’m sure.

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