There are 15 types of housemates. Which one are you? – Part 2

Continued from Part 1

6. The noisy lover

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Every house has one… the person who wants you to know they are getting action. There isn’t too many occasions where you’ve walked past their room without hearing something and they always seem to have some company at night! Having a talk with this individual won’t make a difference, they are determined to get you involved in the action one way or another..

7. The morning person

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Perhaps the most annoying. This person can do an all nighter and still be up bright and early cooking breakfast and singing at the top of their lungs. They don’t like to be the only morning person so are likely to try wake you up and do everything in their power to get you up. Our advise is to lock your doors and wear ear plugs ..

8. The leech

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Hide your stuff, no where is safe! Especially your food and bathroom products. If you have one of these housemates then expect your bank account to take a hit. You now have two people to pay for. Leaving notes in our opinion doesn’t work… They will continue to take your stuff. You’ll know exactly who it was but its unlikely they will ever own up to it! Try locking your stuff away… good luck my friend

9. The non existent one

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You probably don’t know this persons name or that they are living in your house. They keep themselves to themselves and you’ll probably only see them when they make their one trip a day to the kitchen to grab themselves some food. You won’t hear them and they certainly won’t be joining you on a night out.

10. The nudest

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You may not mind this one so much, depends on the nudest walking around your house. Nearly every student house has it, the person who walks round naked without a care in the world. When questioned they’ll say “i was just popping to the kitchen quickly”, “i was just getting the mail real quick”. Once you’ve seen it, it can’t be unseen!

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