There are 15 types of housemates. Which one are you? – Part 3

Continued from Part 2

11. The clever one

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This person will never miss a lecture even after a heavy night out. They’ll be the first to start a coursework and the first to hand it in. Their grades will never slip into a 2:1. They are the know it all, the person you turn to for help and notes from a lecture. If you have a housemate like this, thank your lucky stars, you know there will always be someone who knows the answer.

12. The messy one

Now when we go to Uni, we don’t expect to live in a perfectly clean house but you never could have prepared yourself for this housemate! They will never clear up after themselves and leaves stacks of unwashed pots and pans, always preferring to “do it later”, unfortunately that later rarely comes around. Its likely the sink will always be clogged up and you have a pretty good idea who the culprit is.

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13. Sex Crazy

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This housemate is constantly talking about sex. They get lucky every time you go out and hardly sleep alone… hardly with the same person either. Don’t ever ask them to wingman you, you’ll end up with the person your trying to impress!

14. The Chief

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If you have one of these, then you are a lucky lucky person. This housemate loves to cook and wants everyone to try it. They’ll organise house meals and won’t mind cooking for everyone. Its likely they will organise Christmas and Easter dinners. They always overcook so theres always something to eat in the kitchen.

15. Takeaway King / Queen

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Every student house has one. The person who can’t be bothered to cook and nearly without fail gets a takeaway everyday. You’ll see the takeaway containers pile up by the bins and instantly know who the culprit is. They probably haven’t ever stepped foot in the kitchen, let alone know how to cook a meal. Help your friend out and cook them a home cooked meal!

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